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Peoples climate march but where’s Cardinal Dolan?

September 19, 2014


“It would be wonderful if there were a strong Catholic presence at the march, to indicate our prayerful support of God’s creation,”Cardinal Dolan of New York said about the huge climate justice walk expected to bring over 100,000 to Gotham City.
Dolan is typical of those John Paul ll prelates ,way behind the curve of where the Holy Spirit is, where too many Catholics are.

Some of the religious orders like the Franciscans, Jesuits and female religious have moved on and represent the cutting edge of the church.

The major moral issue of our time and the best Dolan can says is “It would be wonderful if there were a Catholic presence”. So much for episcopal leadership when it is most needed.


No pastoral planning, no public leadership on the issue, no personal witness or leadership from a church leader who should be at the front of this march.

Like so many other bishops who are absent from such issues, they simply provide links on their websites. Links however are no substitute for personal witness. Dolan is smart enough to know that he better say something or he will become almost totally irrelevant.

His absence is a dereliction of duty. It is an old story among Catholics who see the institution arrive a little bit late and a little bit out of breath.

Pope Francis is doing his best to goose these recalcitrant bishops but it’s a huge uphill battle.



Meanwhile with the collapse of institutional leadership there is a greater awareness that ordinary people have a sensus fidei that “the Holy Spirit anoints them and equips them for that high calling, conferring on them a very personal and intimate knowledge of the faith of the Church…As a result, the faithful have an instinct for the truth of the Gospel. (Sensus Fidei, 2014) .There is great encouragement for Catholics to go deep, to listen in their depths to what the Spirit is saying and it s obvious that the cry of the earth is addressed to all of us not just Cardinal Dolan.

Labour Day 2014

September 1, 2014



There was a rare sighting of a Catholic priest in the Labour Day parade this year. Yes he was there collar and all, Fr.O’Reilly, Basilian walking in solidarity with the various faces of labour. Good on ya, Father, a rara avis indeed. In all the years I’ve been walking, never saw a Catholic bishop once, so divorced have these putative leaders been from the social struggle. The John Paul ll boys were a timorous lot except for ranting about what they knew least—issues dealing with sex and women’s rights.

I once wrote an article tongue in cheek where I said you will know when the Parousia (end times) are about to arrive is when you are in a jazz club and you look across the room and you see a Catholic bishop. Paul André Durocher now the head of the Canadian Catholic Bishops told me he liked that jibe.”Early to bed, early to rise, never see the regular guys” was the less than subtle intent. Now I’ve updated that witticism and changed it to’, Look the Labour Day Parade is about to started…who’s that guy with the funny hat and walking stick, leading the parade, no it can’t be, but it is Bishop —– insert name here.Ah,’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!

As the great Andrews Sister’s 1949 cut said, “I Can Dream Can’t I”?

All in a lovely affair and a big difference this year with many young children walking with their parents on this warm and muggy day. ”Forging solidarity for a better city” read the logo on my Catholic Teachers’ tee shirt. Was this a reference to Rob Ford or basic Catholic theology? Anyway I was proud to wear it and happy to see my former union out there with the OECTA flag.

But wait, I spy a couple of teachers handing out a pamphlet Teachers’ Pension and Apartheid:Time to Divest Again. It turns out that the teachers’ pension plan has a combined investment of $582 million in the Occupied Territories. In the 90s the pension plan even though it does not consider investment on ethical or moral principles did pull the pug on apartheid South Africa. These teachers want fellow teachers to bring resolutions to their districts to support such a divestment campaign.


Sign on Queen Street on Labour Day 2014

Someof those organizations supporting BDS.are CUPE, Independent Jewish Voices, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the Anglican Church of England and canada (general synods,the Israeli Committee against House demolitions and several others.) For info :

I posed a similar challenge to the Catholic Teachers Union in my book Never Neutral: A Teaching Life

Human rights as a Catholic value, solidarity as a Catholic value, and compassion as a Catholic value, no longer need defensive posturing and apologetic timidity.

What it does need is some courage.

Unions should be prodding Catholic boards to step up the witness and curriculum work around the overweening moral issue of today, climate change. This should be obvious. The second issue is the long-standing oppression of the Palestinian people. As a long-time friend of the Jewish people, as the pioneer in this country of Holocaust education, and as one honoured by the same community for my work, my credentials as an honest broker here should allow me to speak with the utmost honesty and genuine concern.

The state of Israel has become an international pariah for its illegal occupation of Palestinian land, its historic ethnic cleansing of an indigenous people and its ongoing and unrelenting oppression of another Semitic people. Israel, sadly, has lived up to the shocking boast of Defense Minister Moshe Dayan shortly after its conquests of 1967. His brutal candour stands as a monument to insensitivity and cruelty. To his colleagues he stated at that time: “We must tell the Palestinians in the territories we have no solution. You shall continue to live like dogs and whoever wishes may leave, and we will see where this process leads.” Well, we now have the answer.

In all global surveys, Israel ranks near the bottom of countries having a negative influence in the world. This is a monumental tragedy and a deep source of embarrassment to Jews of conscience and internationalists in general. Not only has its behaviour stimulated nascent antisemitsim, but it has deformed Judaism. Calling Israel back to sanity and to justice is imperative today as the solution of this neuralgic issue is the key to dampening Muslim tensions with the Western world. In this way we shall exhibit our double solidarity: To the state of Israel, its right to exist as a valued member of the international community as well as to the beleaguered, long-suffering Palestinian people.

Catholic unions must get on the right side of history here and, out of love for the Jewish state, help bring it back to sanity and justice. South Africa’s recent transformation may serve as a hopeful example to an honoured seat in the international family of nations.

Reflexive supporters of Israel today are sadly presiding over acountry which has lost its way. Teaching bodies who do not speak to this heartbreaking situation are complicit in its continuance. It would be sad indeed, a dereliction of duty and a betrayal of our call to be in solidarity with the oppressed, if a Catholic union of teachers remained passive and silent on these two issues.

Crisis in Zion

August 28, 2014



As soon as I began watching the video, I wished I had never turned it on. For most of my life, my reactions to accounts of Palestinian suffering has been rationalization, a search for reasons why the accounts are exaggerated or the suffering self-inflicted. In that respect, i suspect, I’m like many American Jews.
Peter Beinart, The Crisis of Zionism

Antony Lerman, was the  former director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research. In a truly groundbreaking article (Aug.20, 2014) in the New York Times  he laid out the growing crisis in diaspora Jewry. Mr Lerman opined that both the left and liberal Zionism accepted the  established historical record, still not accepted by Israeli leaders but beyond argument that ” Jews forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians  from their homes to make way for the establishment of a Jewish state ” Well, this was at least a breakthrough but liberal Zionists also accepted  that it was an acceptable price to pay for the founding of the state.

Liberal Jews promoted the the idea of the right to self-determination  a blanket taboo for the maximalists in Israel today who seemingly want an Israel which is free of Arabs. The Jewish state has done everything in its power to make life intolerable for the indigenous population. Its cruelty, hidden from American Jews who have no idea of what transpires in the West Bank or Gaza reflexively out of tribal loyalty salute the Israeli flag. In an internet age, the daily accumulation facts of oppression and the massive denial of human rights are becoming intolerable to democrats everywhere.

Lerman makes a startling statement ” Israel is not Judaism. Jewish history did not culminate in the creation of the state of Israel.” Many religious Jews have been lamenting the injury done to Judaism by the brutality of “the Jewish state.” It mocks the history of Judaism as a religion founded on the exodus of a colonized people, of a God who liberates and does not oppress “the widow, orphan, the poor and the stranger “– i.e the Palestinians in this instance. These are to be raised up in all their dignity. as fellow humans who have the spermatikos, the spark of the divine inside them. Sadly like the Jews of eastern Europe Arabs have become untermenschen, subhuman, not like us, the Other.
Tribal Judaism seems in the ascendance in the diaspora. As Beinart says in his book,”Israel advocacy generally fails. For one thing it is difficult to teach Jewish students to defend the Jewish state when they have not been taught to care about Judaism itself.” The universal values of Judaism which were incarnated in so many progressive causes, which saw Jews on the side of the oppressed seems to have ebbed, much to the consternation of religious Jews like Avraham Burg: “Too many of my Jewish American brothers and sisters have become the beating heart of neoconservatism, part of the white, right wing,nationalist. and powerful establishment, part of an administration and culture that withdraw from the global responsibility that defined America’s spirit in World War ll…The Jews have abandoned the inner cities for affluent suburbs…together they stand against Arabs and Muslims everywhere.”

Judaism is no different from any world religion. It is susceptible to corruption particularly among the plethora of idols rampant in advanced capitalism: power, affluence instrumental reasoning etc. Catholics saw a similar movement in the USA when an immigrant community moved to the suburbs. Charity replaced justice as the cardinal virtue. “Living easy is indeed dangerous as Nietzsche reminded us.

When Israel becomes a religion

July 31, 2014



We do ourselves irreparable harm when we make Israel our surrogate synagogue.
Alexander Schindler , former leader of American Reform Jewry

The task of the historian is to allow the voices of the suffering to be heard, particularly by their children, who while venerating their oppressed ancestors, tend to ignore their cries by persecuting others…empowerment is possible but those who are empowered must bear in mind that solidarity with those suffering in the present is the only link with suffering in the past.
Marc Ellis, Jewish theologian

The Presbyterian Church in the USA at its general assembly in Detroit voted to divest from three companies doing business in the illegal occupied territories.

Before the vote the Nobelist South African prophet Desmond Tutu sent an open letter to the assembly

The sustainability of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people has always been dependent on its ability to deliver justice to the Palestinians. I know firsthand that Israel has created an apartheid reality within its borders and through its occupation. The parallels to my own beloved South Africa are painfully stark indeed.

The Moderator of the Church Heath Rada stated that the vote that “in no way is this a reflection of our lack of love for our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

Predictably American Jewish organizations went ballistic as they did four years earlier when their full court press scared the church into pulling the BDS motion. Four years later however as one of the commissioners said, “we know more of what is really going on in the west Bank.”

One understands that all churches tread very softly when Israel is concerned so they worked hard on the issue and narrowly passed the motion.

And again the message from the Anti Defamation League: “This is a painful message to American Jews.”

No doubt but it would be a painful message I would have to to deliver to my alcoholic brother (if I had one). ”Look, bro, this has to stop. Your behaviour is destructive.” Is this love or hate?
Yet the canards keep coming. According to New York-based American Jewish Committee the measure was “driven by hatred of Israel.”

This has been a longtime, tired tactic. Label any critic of Israel an antisemite. The purpose of course is to silence principled criticism. The shocker was that 1,700 putative leaders of Reform Judaism signed an open letter which opposed the resolution. This is the sad state that Reform Judaism has come to—apologizing and justifying the expansionist and colonialist policies of Israel, its patent injustice over decades to another people on the land which wad stolen from them. Dispossession and humiliation, the daily portion for Palestinians. These rabbis all know the admonition from Torah “Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof—Justice, Justice you shall pursue. Deut 16:20.

Are they that deaf and blind? Are they actually justifying the flaunting of international law and the ethnocentric oppression of one people over another. Has Jewish nationalism trumped the universal cry for justice?

For decades Zionists have been exploiting Christian guilt over Jewish persecution over the centuries. Less and less is this effective. The issue simply is the massive abuse of human rights
Are these religious leaders actually conflating Zionism with Judaism? Zionism was a colonialist ideology. Judaism is a great world religion with high ethical ideals, a rich history of justice rapidly being suborned by blind adherence to the terrible policies of a secular state.

The problem of course is not simply that of Judaism. The neoconservative movement of the last 40 years has had a deleterious effect on Catholicism and Christianity. In due time i will deal with this but our focus here is shock at the loss of prophecy in the Jewish community.

In 1982, the New Jewish Agenda (NJA) was a counterpoint to religious neoconservatism among jews.

The NJA stated at that time” Our history and tradition inspire us. Jewish teachings can address the social, economic and political issues of our time. Many of us find our inspiration in our people’s historical resistance to oppression and from the Jewish presence at the forefront of movements for social change. Many of us base our convictions on the religious concept of tikkun olam(the just ordering of human society and the world) and the prophetic tradition of social justice….Survival is only a precondition of Jewish life, not its purpose .Our agenda must be determined by our ethics not our enemies.

Oz ve Shalom was founded in 1975 was formed to counteract the blasphemous misinterpretation of religious texts by the settlers.It was a valiant attempt to bring Jewish citizens back from ethnocentricity and chauvinism. In 1982 Oz ve Shalom in an editorial summed up the choice for Jews in Israel

A Jewish state governed by Biblical values or a garrison state characterized by chauvinism, institutionalized injustice and xenophobia.
A democratic society flourishing within small borders in which Arab minority enjoys full human dignity and civil rights

All of Eretz Israel at the price of repressing the political freedom over 1 million Palestinian Arabs.
And here we are today in a state of lamentable incomprehension as 1,700 rabbis seemingly are turning their backs on their prophetic tradition.

The oldest sin in scripture is idolatry and as I have stated before idolatry is not exclusive to vast segments of the Jewish community here and In israel where the state seemingly has massive support for this sickening massacre. Capitalism, security and uber patriotism can become idols anywhere .The only response to this that of Jesus and the prophets—atheism to these false gods



Often we know that the prophetic is carried outside organized religion. In the case of the Presbyterian assembly what tipped the scales was the presence of mainly young secular Jews who bore shirts with the slogan ‘Another Jew Supporting Divestment.’ Many of them were with Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

Religious or not they have internalized the fact that Palestinian people have been deeply wronged in the creation of Israel and are suffering terribly under an unjust occupation.

George Bush to the Hague

June 12, 2014



The American occupation, however, has made this internal and external violence worse. The Americans destroyed the remnants of our culture, banished those among us who were struggling to create a space to think, to help us use our imaginations, to transform our society peacefully. Even under the dictatorship we had some semblance of a civic life. It was not perfect, but people were learning.
from The Corpse Exhibition: And Other Stories of Iraq, by Hassan Blasim,
Richard Clarke, the USA’s top counterterrorism official under former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, accused Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney of committing war crimes in their 2003 invasion of Iraq . Clarke, resigned in 2003 after the Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq.


George Bush whose “favourite philosopher is Jesus Christ.”
The most effective Catholic in the United States, Michael Moore, a layman who wore the prophetic mantle while so many bishops wore the stars and stripes, almost wept when the Iraq city of Mosul fell. He wrote on Facebook
So today, Mosul fell. Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq. The Iraqi government we “installed,” has now “lost” Fallujah, Ramadi, Mosul and other large swaths of the country we invaded at the cost of thousands of American lives, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives and a couple trillion dollars. (What could your school district do with a trillion dollars?).
One more maddening day in this 11-year illegal, immoral, greedy and stupid war. Today in Mosul, that Iraqi Army YOU pay for, freaked out, threw down their guns, and literally RAN away. I have friends and acquaintances who lost sons in all three of those cities. I can only imagine what they’re feeling tonight. FOR WHAT? FOR WHAT! I am so sorry we couldn’t do anything to stop this when it started. A few million of us tried. Last week, Richard Clarke, Bush’s former head of counter-terrorism, said he now believes that his fellow members of the Bush administration committed “war crimes.”
I continue to await the perp walk.”

Moore suffered so much abuse in the Bush era for his powerful antiwar message,He should have been made a papal knight for his extraordinary courage


Imagine being flailed by those sunshine patriot Republican Catholics for daring to put the Sermon on the Mount into practice.


The church below the church

May 26, 2014


Miguel Cifuentes, presente!

It was a female Mexican theologian who told the story about walking in the shadow of the cathedral in her town when her granddaughter asked her if that church was their church. “No,” she said, “We belong to the church below the church.”
That was the congregation which met to say goodbye to Miguel who had escaped the death squads in Guatemala and landed in Toronto where he met and married Trish a Catholic teacher who had a similar liberationist  worldview. Over the years Miguel continued his work in the union movement with those on the margins of Canadian life. The union UNITE  represented many lowly paid hotel workers and every year they were a big part of the Labour Day parade.
At  one time Labour was close to the heart of the institutional church. We cobbled  a strong social teaching based on the dignity of the working person. Leo Xlll driven by the Marxian critique of exploitative capital  finally jumped into the fray in 1891 with his encyclical Rerum Novarum
“Wealthy owners of the means of production and employers must never forget that both divine and human law forbid them to squeeze the poor and wretched for the sake of gain or to profit from the helplessness of others.” (#17
The  US bishops in 1940 wrote: “A wage so low that it must be supplemented by the wage of wife and mother or by the children of the family before it can provide adequate food, clothing, and shelter together with essential spiritual and cultural needs cannot be regarded as a living wage. Furthermore, a living wage means sufficient income to meet not merely the present necessities of life but those of unemployment, sickness, death, and old age as well.
John XXlll in his encyclical Mater et Magistra (1961) continued:
We therefore consider it our duty to reaffirm that the remuneration of work is not something that can be left to the laws of the marketplace; nor should it be a decision left to the will of the more powerful.
John Paul ll’s powerful encyclical Laborem Exercens (1981) ratified these sentiments.
The right to unionize and collectively bargain was vigorously promoted by the Church and this created stable communities and secure families based on living wages. Sadly the last 30 years have seen market fundamentalism and movable capital shred organic communities and facilitated a race to the bottom.  “Labour priests” began to disappear. Ordinands in these  new religious orders knew nothing about this tradition.
Miguel gave his life in resistance to the ongoing degradation of labour. In the “most religious country of all” the USA minimum wage laws are scandalous. 
What is the point of all this?
All too often unions and working people in the last decades have not seen the institutional church dramatically raise its voice on behalf of labour.  “Pro life” never seems to extend beyond the fetal stage. The actual lives of of working people  were left to the church below the church. These  were the people who march in solidarity in  the Labour Day parade and these were the people at Miguel’s funeral.




Justin Trudeau, Cardinal Collins and pro life

May 17, 2014



The Toronto cardinal Thomas Collins wrote Liberal leader Justin Trudeau about his proscribing all future Liberal candidates if they were not “pro choice’, now the official party’s platform. Most people regard Trudeau’s policy as foolish and alienating. Collins is not the only one shaking his head. For many the “right to life” position is a strong conscience one. Life is sacred and it begins at conception. This is one Catholic position but it is not the Catholic position.


The stance on abortion has never been absolutist. Two of the giants of Catholic theology  saints Augustine and  Thomas Aquinas stated that  the early fetus  had the moral status of a plant or vegetable. It took months before the fetus was ‘ensouled’ and thus a person. “Six weeks for a male embryo and three for a female” stated Aquinas.If the great Doctor knew modern embryology would this ensoulment be the last trimester? Questions, questions.


No to any abortion is the province of the radical religious right. To most Catholic moralists, there must be nuance here. Bishops are not the sole source of Catholic truth. Theologians and the sensus fidelium, the lived wisdom of the Catholic people including women who have faced this choice—must be heard from. They are part of the teaching church. This is why the absolutist position has never been proclaimed de fide. There are many non-frivolous reasons why women chose abortion. This may be  lamented but is it always immoral? And what about the Catholic insistence on the primacy of conscience? This  is a very complex issue. And the Catholic position is much richer than the absolutist  stance Ubi dubium,ibi libertas—where there is  doubt there is freedom is an ancient truism.


Most people want to see abortions reduced. One way of course is by effective contraception but we  all know where too many male bishops stand on that one. They would not be bishops under John Paul ll. So we have absolutist bishops condemning contraception. Is there something they are missing? Will bishops have to bear unwanted children? Care for those children if conceived ? Do they want to  send women into depression and mental illness? Priests, bishops and theologians are mostly men. Is there any serious listening to those who will bear the brunt bear of rearing children? Does a fertilized egg trump a woman’s experience? Are we dealing with a whiff of sexism in the Roman church? Should  men control women’s reproductive rights?After the massive sex abuse scandal maybe we should look twice at priests’ obsession with the issue of abortion.


Cardinal Collins was on rocky ground when he waded into Pope Francis territory. He told Trudeau the pope could not become a Liberal politician if he had come to Canada. Collins would be  one bishop Pope Francis referred to  for focusing too much on gays, abortion and contraception. We recall Francis saying saying the church has become  “obsessed” with those issues to the detriment of its larger mission to be “home for all.” Collins previously tried to pressure Catholic  schools into proscribing gay and lesbian clubs. He was rebuffed by the teacher union whose membership was much closer to kids in Catholic schools. The teachers made the decision, not the bishop.

The cardinal’s letter chiding Trudeau was appropriate. Slipping Pope Francis into the conversation was a two edged sword. Should Catholics now abandon the Liberal Party? Where will they go? All parties are de facto “pro choice.’  Is there a hidden agenda here? Collins is known to be close to Tory cabinet minister Jason Kenny having invited him to a national bishops’ meeting. Will Catholic voters migrate to the Tories whose policies  on poverty, the environment, and the common good are as far away from Catholic social teaching as you can get. Who knows?


Collins is always front and centre at “pro life” rallies. Fair enough but he is never seen at pro life rallies for the  earth and its threatened climate.  Is this not a pro life issue? Abortion  will never  be settled at the ballot box. Canadians are stale mated here On the other hand Canadian Catholics need to raise their voices on climate justice, the major moral issue of our time. The institutional church and religious leaders like Cardinal Collins seemingly have no pastoral plan to combat the ongoing degradation of the earth. Bishops are never seen at climate justice  rallies.They need to heed the brilliant nun Sr.Elizabeth Johnson who names the present situation: “Christian churches often choose not to face this calamity with the energy they spend on other matters. It’s as though the planet were undergoing its agony in the garden, and we, the disciples of Jesus, are curled up fast asleep.”


Wide awake on abortion, fast asleep on climate justice, a recipe for irrelevance. A failure of episcopal leadership.

Papal saint making

April 28, 2014




In a marvelous sleight of hand on Sunday Pope Francis canonized two recent popes, John Paul l and John XXlll,

Much to the chagrin of those in the Curia, he waived the necessary “second miracle” and brought the great John XXlll into the vaunted company of the saints.

Nothing the Curia could do as the pope has total control of saint making.

The putative ‘miracles” are an embarrassment anyway. Who can tell what constitutes real healing ?That doctors can’t explain it means nothing as there is much the medical community does not know about disease and wellness.

The problem is what kind of a God answers some prayers and not others? A bit arbitrary as Pope Francis knew as he ushered Angelo Rocalli into “sainthood.”. And two year old babies still die of cancer. Did their loved ones not pray enough. The question is absurd. Nevertheless the double play was a brilliant stroke as many Catholic commentators pointed out.


They figured Francis was cornered after Pope benedict rushed his former boss onto the fast track. As much papal politics as anything. The thinking is the canonization would de facto bless his whole pontificate and his attempt to turn the reforms of Vatican ll back


Many in the curia never welcomed Vatican ll,”the greatest change in Catholic thinking” ever according to the great apartheid fighter the late Durban archbishop Denis Hurley.

John’s pontificate lasted but five years but he changed the sclerotic Catholic church forever and now Pope Francis has stated that there is no going back on the great council.


JP ll was a global superstar and quite good on human rights and a trenchant critic of consumerism.

Sadly “ad intra”, that is inside the Church he was not a good pope.This very good man had may great flaws not the least was raising so many Yes man to the head of major Catholic Sees thus stalling the necessary reforms of Vatican ll. He created a monoculture which hindered the evolution of Catholic moral teaching and he attempted to impose a one size fits all template on the whole Church.

The great Chicago theologian David Tracy predicted that it wouldn’t work and it hasn’t.The Church in Poland had been frozen in time, authoritarian in nature(as some would argue it had to be next to the communist behemoth) but this model was hardly a model for an increasingly educated lay Church. The result was massive defections in the educated Catholic world. His attempts to ban female ordination forever, almost declaring it de fide, central to faith was embarrassing.The theology which attempted to justify this exclusion was intellectually barren and an insult to the rich Catholic tradition which honours the role of the spirit and the “signs of the times.” In Pope John XXlll’s final encyclical Pacem in Terris (1963) he flagged this sign as one that needed serious attention.

Secondly, the part that women are now playing in political life is everywhere evident. This is a development that is perhaps of swifter growth among Christian nations, but it is also happening extensively, if more slowly, among nations that are heirs to different traditions and imbued with a different culture. Women are gaining an increasing awareness of their natural dignity. Far from being content with a purely passive role or allowing themselves to be regarded as a kind of instrument, they are demanding both in domestic and in public life the rights and duties which belong to them as human persons.

This glaring sign of the time, an authentic irruption of the Spirit in history was ignored by subsequent popes.It has come to haunt the institutional church and render it gulty of sexism in the eyes of a majority of believers.

But his greatest weakness so devastatingly portrayed in Maureen Dowd’s NYT column of April 27 was his presiding over the greatest scandal in modern church history,the pedophilia crisis. More on this tomorrow.

Dan Heap, presente!

April 26, 2014


Dan Heap “on the march”.

They threw away the mold when Dan Heap left this earth on Friday. I do not expect to meet his likes again—as a politician or clergyman.


Imagine an Anglican priest picketing his own church for its failure to speak on the horrific genocide in the USA assault on Vietnam—over 2 million innocents killed. That was Dan in 1966. That was the first time i heard about Dan Heap.


Holy feces, Batman there are clergy like this?


Dan opened up new vistas on the gospel of peace and in my own city.


I first met him in the 70s when as a city councillor he was supporting Caesar Chavez. I called off basketball practice and took the team to City Hall for a rally on behalf of the California Grape pickers, I told him how much I appreciated his steadfast moral compass.


Then I learned that in the 60s as an Anglican priest he had. worked for 18 years in a paper box factory. He thought it a good way to show solidarity with workers and support the union movement.


Now we can’t even get Catholic priests or bishops to walk in the Labour day parade. But I digress.


Dan was intense, not a great speaker but his flame burned brightly for just causes—peace, immigration, poverty—he was always there working for the common good. people instinctively knew he was the real thing. Along the way he mentored people like Olivia Chow and the late Dan Leckie.


In 1982 in what was considered a safe Liberal seat Dan knocked off the Trudeau secretary Jim Coutts in the Spadina riding and spent 12 years in parliament.


Once i got him out of bed when the Feds tried to keep the valiant peacemaker Phil Berrigan out of Canada. One phone  call from Dan and Phil was let go.


After his years in Parliament he just kept on keeping on, always worshipping at Holy Trinity Anglican church next to our shrine to consumer excess, the Eaton Centre.


In 2006 Dan was going into the dark with Alzheimers and I happily attended his last eucharist as a clergyman.

One could never talk about Dan without mentioning in the same breath his amazing wife Alice who died in 2012.

They were a formidable justice couple.



How blessed to have such models in my own city.

The Mob and Good Friday

April 17, 2014



The Mob is an agent of crucifixion. We see the mob in Jerusalem screaming “Crucify him and give us Barabbas” The Mob is always with us today usually as an uninformed voice screaming for vengeance, personal gain over public good.No taxes, it screams in Rob Ford’s Toronto.It never links taxes with livable cities and social cohesion

These voices have grown exponentially with the rise of the internet,a notorious anarchic place for uninformed opinion. Often these voices are faceless and anonymous, silent in the wake of human suffering, voluble in the promotion of private goods over public squalor, often racist and sexist as well.

The Mob is the bystanders who do nothing to advance redemption. It sits out history’s great drama and brays just as it did in the time of Jesus. This is the mob today.



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