Democrats try to bury Palestine “at night.”

July 23, 2016

One of my least favourite characters in the New Testament—a a man I have met many times in my life, call him a sanctimonious prig, a weasel, a sycophant or double dealing hypocrite—we’ve all met Nicodemus who appears in John 3
Now there was a Pharisee, a man named Nicodemus who was a member of the Jewish ruling council. He came to Jesus at night
Yes by night. Folks like Nicodemus simply want to work undercover, don’t want to be seen in the daylight. They have something to hide. Meet Hilary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, a group of pro-Israel toadies named by Clinton to abort the truth on Palestine and keep right wing Jewish American money flowing into Clinton’s coffers.The Committte, purely advisory deemed necessary by Clinton who realizes she has no progressive principles at all, is in hock to Wall Street and her pro-Israel Jewish backers. One fifth of the committee of 15 was named by Sanders. As you will see, a group of social justice advocates


It hath been decreed: there will be no mention of Occupation in the Democratic platform. No wonder people give up on politics when you see even a party which attempted to raise the voice of the oppresed in the past, cave to the power of finance in national elections. Meet the Clintons and Tony Blair. Forget Blair for the moment.
The work of the majority Clinton  hacks by day was bad enough. The supposed antithesis to the wealth dominated Republicans, the puppetry  Hilary surrogates shot down motions endorsing universal health care, a carbon tax, stronger support for raising the minimum wage, forceful opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and a moratorium on fracking. This is the Democratic Party of today.


As Gore Vidal often said, America has one party —with two wings both corrupted by money.


All of the above was done in the day and strategically they had to wait for the night to deal with Israel, an issue which Bernie Sanders “a Jew of Conscience” had raised.

What happened was revealing.

Next time. Nicodemus comes on stage.

America the failed state

July 21, 2016

In the Land of the Free and exceptionalism—we’re talking america the Beautiful—there have been 1,000 mass shootings in 1,260 days

You want to know what a “failed state’ looks like, go no further than Ohio at the republican convention.

Also you could probably go to half of the USA and make the same analysis.


Ohio is an “open carry” state.Firearms legally permitted can be carried unconcealed by Ohio residents and visitors if they have an agreement with Ohio. So in the Event Zone around the convention it’s ‘open carry” season.So even assault rifles are just dandy.

Yes it’s where pro and anti Trump supporters jaw at each other.

Now look what is not permitted in the Event Zone


Yes, keep those pineapples, oranges, locks and lightbulbs out—and hey, watch those tennis balls.

“Is that the standard you aspire to?”

July 14, 2016

Michael Chabon, , best selling novelist Pulitzer Prize winner and and his wife Ayelet Waldman , a successful writer as well, are a Jewish power couple on the literary scene. Unlike too many Jewish tribalists who reflexively support Israel no matter what they decided to actually go to Israel and see for themselves.

Well they saw for themselves. All you have to is visit Hebron. Go there because “the only democracy in the Middle East’ will not let you in to Gaza.
I thought I’d see a few miserable people, a few settlers, some pressure between them and the Palestinians,” she recalls now (speaking Hebrew). “But when I got to Hebron, I went into shock. Literally. Totally. I couldn’t believe it. To see a road on which I was allowed to travel because I am a Jew and hold an Israeli passport, and opposite me a person who lives there and whose family has lived there for generations but who is forbidden to set foot on that road – that was a shock to me. I returned brokenhearted and furious. That evening I said that I would never come back here again, that I couldn’t understand how people can stand to live here.”
I wanted to come back for another visit immediately,” she gushes. “I wanted to be part of this Israel, I felt I belonged. And then I told myself that if I feel I belong, that I’m connected, that it’s my place, too – then the problem is mine, too. I can’t just go home and not think about it anymore. If I feel part of this, I also have to assume responsibility for changing the situation there.”

The husband Michael Chabon brought international writers to see for themselves. Soon a book will appear which will tell the truth.
They have seen the Israeli angle – that is the Israeli angle. We saw settlers,” he says sarcastically, “they were real nice. The checkpoints, where they arbitrarily stop people and get you out of your car for no particular reason – to me, that is the Israeli angle. You could talk to the settlers and they would say ‘God gave us this land,’ but that is not the other side of the story. The other side of the story is what’s happening at the checkpoints.”

Brought to Hebron by a brave IDF soldier Yehuda Shaull a spokesperson for Breaking the Silence, a group of soldiers IDF veterans who dare to speak truth to the brainwashed citizenry who never taste Palestinian immiseration.
A war has two sides, but the occupation doesn’t have two sides. There is occupier and there are the occupied, and this book will be about the people who are occupied. We saw plenty of settlers, and we spoke to them, even when we didn’t want to. The ones in Hebron especially were very, very aggressive. They surrounded us and they attacked [Yehuda Shaul, from Breaking the Silence]. We didn’t talk to the settlers in Susya. Why? Because that’s a false dichotomy. There’s a village whose homes were stolen and there are the thieves. I’m not interested in the thieves.

His wife was just getting wound up:
Bibi is a charlatan, he’s a con man,” she says. “He has convinced this country that the Jews of America are on his side. I will tell you who is on his side in America: the crazy evangelical Christians, the worst of the worst. Seventy-five percent of American Jews voted for Barack Obama. The American Jewish community is the single most liberal religious community in the United States. What just happened with AIPAC when Trump spoke and they stood on their feet – that I believe signals the death knell of AIPAC in the Jewish community. It might take five years, but they are finished. That’s why you saw them apologizing so fast, because the moment the Jews of America saw AIPAC standing on its feet and applauding Trump, that was the end. There’s this crazy dichotomy, where Israel takes $3.5 billion from the American government every year, and more money in donations, but it resists and resents the American influence. There’s a reason that every Jewish kid, no matter how rich his daddy is, gets a free trip to Israel ‘on the back’ of the Bronfman family. They’re worried that they are losing them, and the reason that is happening is the occupation.”

Well good for this couple of conscience for speaking the truth and admitting their prior ignorance.
“We live in Florida” a friend wrote “and are surrounded by an overwhelming presence of the New York Jewish population that actually has no clue as to how the Middle East got to where it is, but nonetheless, vehemently supports Israel no questions asked.”

Chabon alluded to these ignorant tribalists when he said:

Nobody knows. Nobody knows. Nobody knows. I didn’t know, and if I didn’t know – and I pay attention, I read the newspapers, I care about Israel, I’ve cared about Israel my whole life, but I didn’t know – nobody knows. Israelis don’t know. But Israelis always say: Why don’t you look at what the Turks are doing to the Kurds, at what’s going on in Syria? Chabon: “You know what I say to that? That’s who you want to be compared to? Why aren’t we comparing you to Sweden, why aren’t we comparing you to Denmark? You yourself are creating this category, which includes North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, Congo and Israel. Is that the standard you aspire to?”

Anti z

Must be anti-Semites. They’re Jewish? they must be self-hating.

Trudeau at Auschwitz

July 11, 2016


PM Trudeau visited Auschwitz on Sunday and like any sentient being was deeply affected by what he saw and wiped away tears several times as the survivor Nate Liepciger pointed to the massive ruins and shattered masonry that had once been gas chambers where millions met their deaths.

Trudeau to his credit made a point of asking to visit Auschwitz following the NATO summit in Warsaw. Anybody who gets to Warsaw and ignores  nearby Auschwitz is terminally incurious.

Visiting this replica of hell prompts serious thinking about the human condition.

My visit has remained indelible. I spent much time in the showers and crematoria with my bible.It served to deepen my pioneerin work on the shoah. It eventuated in my double solidarity to the state of Israel but also to the humiliated face of the Palestinians mabdated by the gospel.

Post Auschwitz I journeyed  to Israel, a sad country which has never internalized the universal meaning of the Nazi atrocity, a country in former speaker of the Knesset Avraham Burg’s words “where today there are horrible layers of racism that are not essentially different from the racism that exterminated many of our ancestors.” Burg’s Orthodoxy is universal in its understanding. He reminds Jews today that ” since the shoah took place there is no genetic Judaism, only ethical, obliging Judaism. Automatic Judaism, bereft of self-criticism and moral obligations is for mer an abominable race theory.”


Burg  an intrepid critic of israel’s brutalization of the Palestinians said in his classic book The Holocaust is Over, We must Rise from its Ashes,”never again not just for us Jews but for every suffering victim in the world today”—and I would add to the Jews of israel, the Palestinians.

My fear is that once again holocaustmania will be used to mute any criticism of Israel and Trudeau will continue as has until now, become blind to Palestinian suffering.

The late British-Jewish historian (d.2005) Tony Judt writing in the Nation in 2005 made this point:

The Shoah is frequently exploited in America and Israel to deflect and forbid any criticism of Israel… It gives American Jews in particular a unique, retrospective “victim
identity”;  it allows Israel to trump any other nation’s sufferings (and justify its own excesses) with the claim that the Jewish catastrophe was unique and incomparable….
This modern instrumentalization of the Holocaust for political advantage is ethically disreputable and politically imprudent.”

One can only hope that Trudeau will grow in his understanding. A sensitive man, right now he sees with one eye and his clouded vision will continued to be manipulated by people with no shame and les sensitivity to others’ suffering.

Next stop Gaza if the jailers will let him in




The endgame is in sight

July 6, 2016


For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
it speaks of the end
and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it;
it[ will certainly come
and will not delay.
Habbakuk 2:3

When a public highway sign appears on highway  on Vancouver island near Duncan you know the end game in Israel is rapidly approaching. The horrific occupation of humiliation and suffering imposed on the indigenous people of Palestine is  quickly reaching a critical mass in North America.

The cynical Israeli government has lied for decades, trumpeting itself as “the only democracy in the Middle East.” Its hasbara (propaganda) has been effective keeping the oppression hidden for much too long. With the advent of computers, cell phones Facebook and the many exposure tours to Israel/Palestine the cover behind the curtain has been blown.The unconscionable mass murder in Gaza in 2010 and 2014 has shocked the civilized world. A defenseless people with no army, navy or air force penned in for 365 sq miles was mercilessly  bombarded by missiles, Apache helicopters and Merkav tanks. The world including Jews of conscience finally awole to the savagery of the deaths of so many innocents.

Triste dictu, the Canadian government is still held hostage by the last remnants of holocaust guilt and a well organized pro Israel counterattack where once again the Anti-semitic card is played.

These pathetic rejoinders wherein Israel and its local allies, losing the battle of credibility are becoming more and more hysterical as the world responds to a time-honoured Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions(BDS) campaign. The BDS campaign helped end apartheid in South Africa and its nonviolence will be remembered as an effective tool which finally ended  aprtheid in Israel..

Elie Wiesel “cheerleader for apartheid Israel”

July 3, 2016


The Nobel winner Elie Wiesel has died and the tributes are flowing in. Mr. Wiesel became famous in 1955  for his autobiographical novel  NIGHT a chilling account of Auschwitz , the most famous Nazi extermination centre.

Night for decades has become  a staple in high school courses for many good reasons. It has many powerful lessons to inculcate, maybe the most pressing is that the Nazi holocaust means never again —to anybody.

Most teachers however are not aware of the strong criticism Wiesel has received for his inability to include other than Jews under the umbrella of the word Holocaust. It belongs solely to Jews.

In the past few decades Wiesel’s Ulster has severely diminished for his failure to understand with Palestinian suffering

The late historian Howard Zinn, a fellow Jew called Wiesel’s refusal to include the suffering of non-Jews at the hands of the Nazis at Washington’s  Holocaust Museum, along with exhibits documenting Jewish suffering, one of the most “shameful moments” in recent memory. In that episode, Wiesel  described the inclusion of the terrible affliction of non-Jews by the Nazis in the Museum as an attempt to “falsify reality” and that such calls were tantamount to “stealing the Holocaust from us.”

This post by theologian Marc Ellis sums up a progressive Jewish view on Wiesel’s flawed witness:

Elie Wiesel is dead. The Holocaust world I cut my teeth on is coming to an end.

Is the world that cut its teeth on the Holocaust also coming to an end?

In their life and death, iconic figure like Elie Wiesel move us in different ways. The day after Wiesel’s death, it is time to take stock. In which direction are we heading?

I have been reading and writing about Wiesel for more than forty years. Though I have my arguments with Wiesel and other theologians and philosophers of the Holocaust, I never dismissed them as fakes or fools as some have. I will not do so today.

Those who explored the depths of the Holocaust were a great and deeply flawed generation. With reference to their hawkish stands on Israel, Wiesel and other Holocaust commentators simply did not understand what they had become involved in. If and when they understood, it was too late.

In the end, Wiesel was deeply corrupted by his use of the Holocaust he suffered so deeply from. Once an insurgent in Jewish life by insisting on the overriding importance of the Holocaust, in his later years, Wiesel became a cheerleader for an apartheid Israel and American military sanctions and intervention in the Middle East, all revolving around his support for Israel.


Wiesel became a caricature of himself. He trivialized the Holocaust he wrote so movingly about.

Through his invocations of the Holocaust, Wiesel achieved great wealth and garnered many honors; both compromised his witness. Politicians used him as the tributes accorded him in the coming days will no doubt show. But Wiesel and the Jewish establishment also used politicians to further entrench and extend their power and influence. So it goes, it seems.

We Jews live after the Holocaust and after Israel. By after Israel, I mean what Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinian people. Those of us who live in the shadow of the Holocaust – and Israel – must ask ourselves the same questions we ask of Wiesel. What is our witness in the world? Has our standing in the world and what we represent corrupted us?

Elie Wiesel was hardly alone in becoming so stuck in Holocaust suffering that he failed to realize or care about what Jewish power was and is doing to the Palestinian people. We, the Jewish people, averted our eyes. We, the Jewish people, became corrupted through our use of unjust power against others.

Through Wiesel, Christians became heavily involved in the meaning of Holocaust suffering and support for the state of Israel without regard for the plight of Palestinians. Christians averted their eyes. Christians became corrupted through support of Jewish power against others.
So Elie Wiesel’s death must become our challenge. After the Holocaust and Israel, what are we to do? Do we really understand who we have become?

Once understood, we must stand for justice, at a personal and, if need be, at a collective cost. Lest we become other than whom we are called to be.

Here lies the unintended aspect of Elie Wiesel’s flawed witness. In the beginning Wiesel and others who reflected on the Holocaust invoked solidarity with the suffering as the key lesson of the Holocaust. True, again from the beginning, Jews were a priority. Yet, this solidarity also extended to those suffering after the Holocaust. Missing, of course, were Palestinians.

With the ascendancy of the Holocaust and Israel as the epitome of the Jewish and Christian witness, Wiesel helped ignite Jewish and Christian resistance to the oppression of the Palestinian people. By making the Holocaust and Israel central to the destiny of the Jewish people, Jewish and Christian resistance to Israel’s abuse of power was destined to take hold.

Today this resistance is exploding. Among others, Jewish Voice for Peace and the Christian struggle for divestment in a variety of denominational settings are deeply indebted to the flawed witness of Elie Wiesel.

As Elie Wiesel is honored and buried in the coming days, we would do well to reflect on other iconic figures of our day and those who use them for their own ends. Unlike iconic figures, injustice cannot be buried.
Resistance is always waiting in the shadows of unjust power. Thus our challenge as Elie Wiesel – and his generation – is laid to rest.

England humiliated in Euro Cup. So what.

July 1, 2016

Quite a time to be in Yorkshire for 2 weeks.First BREXIT then England’s humiliating loss to Iceland in the Euro Cup.

Back home Jeremy, an ex-pat Brit said he had to reprogram himself after his hysterical reaction to the loss. His wife came into the room while he was screaming at the television.

The British papers and the talking heads all wrote a variant of the above:This is the worst thing to happen since…world war ll.People were literally beside themselves and the jocks were inconsolable.some of the papers went after the millionaires who let the side down.


This from the Daily Mail:

England team has now landed in Luton Airport with luggage including coffee machines, golf clubs and guitars
What does all of this mean?

In 1938 Bertolt Brecht wrote this truism:

Andrea: Unhappy is the land that breeds no hero.
Galileo: No, Andrea: Unhappy is the land that needs a hero.

Having lived in England for a year and closely watched its response to Sportsworld, I agree with Brecht. 40 years ago Jackie Charlton a legendary Manchester footballer hipped me to the role of “football” in English working class towns.He was managing a Division 2 club and actually said, “It’s very impoirtant that the lads win on Saturday or the whole town will get depressed for 3 days.”


Legendary soccer coach from Liverpool Bill Shankly put it this way:

Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed … I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.

Really, Bill. Somebody should have told you that you were full of crap.But then e never speak to our idols like that.

People (read true citizens) should never surrender their agency to external forces or unworthy idols like athletic teams.They re simply idols which suborn our energy and our critical faculties.. Bread and circuses have always been the tools of the elite. They are simple diversions from more serious issues which should be attended to. appreciating the skill of athletes is fine but investing too much energy in sport and its clay figures demeans us.

Around 100 C. E. the satirist  Juvenal coined the expression “Panem et Circenses“, literally “bread and circuses”, a way in an increasingly corrupt Rome of diverting the common people from the truly important affairs of state. Give them public baths, gladiators, exotic animals, chariot races, sports (Go Leafs,Cavs, Jays!) and theatre. Things have not changed much particularly in the USA—where celebrity, entertainment and sports fill the void of civic engagement

Iam pridem, ex quo suffragia nulli uendimus, effudit curas; nam qui dabat olim 
already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties;

Continet atque duas tantum res anxius optat, panem et circenses. 
everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses

The more alienated and disengaged one becomes from the heart of life the more one surrenders vital energies best used to build up the commons.

Listening to and watching the hysterical reaction to a football game reminds me of my years as a coach and my line: Do not call me coach, I am a teacher.

My friend Jeremy is to be congratulated. His conclusion to England;s defeat: I need to deprogram myself.


No more tears or apoplexy, Jeremy.


Only in America

June 14, 2016

The mass murder in Orlando staggers Europeans and indeed all people of conscience who value human life and dignity.

It points to the brokenness of the US political system and the dumbing down of the electorate under turbo-capitalism. In T.S. Eliot’s words masses of the country are “distracted from distraction by distraction.” Sports, pop celebrity culture, Facebook increasingly take the place of any critical thinking. Reagan, Bush and Trump are all you need to know.


And now Hilary Clinton bought and paid for by Wall Street and AIPAC>

This is a country with a military budget, driven by fear and paranoia, which literally strangles human development and socially progressive initiatives which make for a healthy society.

Budgets are moral documents and the US budget annually shows the bankruptcy of a country whose government has turned its back on national health, education and the common good. The wealthiest country in the history of the world for decades has abandoned the sick, the aged and the young. The latter can not afford a real education, one which other European countries readily grant their citizens. These jurisdictions understand what the real wealth of a nation is—its people and the nourishing of their dignity and talents.


The US Congress and Senate, hostages to money and influence, have betrayed their people, their health, their future and the environment which sustains everything.

The Obama administration, conjointly with Congress (in a rare act of bipartisan solidarity) has refused to do anything about the availability of murderous weapons in the hands of lost boys and the mentally ill. They have been dragged kicking and screaming into fessing up to their callous disregard to our fundamental economy, the ecology which underpins everything. These same sell outs to lucre and legal graft, has provided billions of American tax payer dollars in military aid, standard diplomatic immunity at the UN security council to the deadly occupying of Palestinian land. These political cowards has left Israel to do as it wishes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and especially Gaza. Every year they have remained silent over violations of international law by Israel

Prophecy runs at 4% in Israel

June 13, 2016

Only 4% of Israelis read Haaretz—that’s about the usual going rate for any organ which approximates the truth. Probably jeremiah and amos  ran about 4% as well. US gambling magnate and Netanyahu idolator Sheldon Adelson bought a paper, Israel Hayom a freebie to promote Netanyahu and his disastrous policies. 40% of Israelis pick up this rag on a daily basis.

This was reported in April of this year
Israel has received its lowest rating ever on Freedom House’s annual Freedom of the Press report, with its ranking dropping from “Free” to only “Partly Free,” due to the increasingly prominent role of the Sheldon Adelson-owned Israel Hayom paper in the Israeli media market. In the 2016 report, Israel ranked 65th globally with a score of 32 points on a 0-100 scale, with 0 indicating total freedom of the press, and 100 indicating none. Due to ongoing conflicts with Palestinian groups and neighboring countries, media outlets are subject to military censorship and gag orders, and journalists often face travel restrictions. Economic pressures have undermined the sustainability of key outlets in recent years, threatening long-term media pluralism.”


Here is today’s editorial which 4% of Israelis will read:


Levy 30
Palestinian Terrorism Is the End of the Occupation In the wake of the deadly Tel Aviv attack, ministers voice empty bravado and call for collective punishment, thereby just pushing more Palestinians to violence. It’s time Israel learned the lesson: Terrorism will continue as long as the occupation does. The murderous terror attack at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market took the lives of four Israelis on Wednesday: Ido Ben Ari, Ilana Naba, Michael Feige and Mila Mishayev. It wounded six others. The attack was not preceded by any intelligence warning, as far as is known, but no one can say it was a surprise. The current wave of violence, which has been described as the third intifada, has not subsided. It does not seem it will fade quickly.


Immediately after the attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman rushed to announce a list of collective punishments against the Palestinians. During the month of Ramadan, Israel has frozen 83,000 entry permits into Israel for family visits, along with permits for a handful of Gaza residents to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque. These steps have just one objective: To satisfy an Israeli public seeking revenge. Cabinet members competed over who would make the most extreme announcement. Lieberman quickly declared he had “no intentions of settling for lip service,” while 
his deputy minister, Eli Ben-Dahan, threatened the town where the terrorists are from: “Life in Yatta won’t carry on as usual.” Education Minister Naftali Bennett compared the terrorists to “that murderous organization sitting to our north,” and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz called for preventive measures “that will go down in history.” Meanwhile, Science Minister Ofir Akunis called for terrorists’ families to be deported and their homes demolished, and Culture Minister Miri Regev suggested that Israel “burn into the enemy’s consciousness” the price to be paid.


This impassioned and hollow talk, similar to the acts of collective punishment, has no real value. It will not protect the life of a single Israeli; it will just increase the frustration and hatred among those forced to live under Israeli occupation. In the end it will only push more young people to terrorism. It’s amazing how the Israeli government does not learn its lesson and recognize what should have been clear long ago: The terror will continue as long as the Palestinian people have no hope on the horizon. No military steps will eradicate it and no boastful declarations will end it. The only way to deal with terrorism is by freeing the Palestinian people from the occupation. Until then, the Palestinians will continue their opposition using force, as most peoples have done throughout history.

Once again: It’s the occupation, stupid

June 12, 2016

Another horrible attack in Israel on June 8 which killed 4 Tel Aviv citizens.
Another blinkered and stupid israeli response.–revenge and collective punishment.
Why is it that intelligent people whose forebears suffered repression and occupation can not understand what precipitates violence. The same people which celebrate Hanukkah, the revolt of the maccabees and also the heroes of the Warsaw ghetto in April 1943 cannot understand the idea of resistance to massive injustice.

More and more one can understand Israeli writer Gideon levy’s oft quoted analysis—Israelis are the most brainwashed people on earth, a citizenry which has gorged itself on the powerful government decades old propaganda.Arabs they believe are congenitally anti-Semitic. for no reason they murder jews. what kind of bizarre thinking is this?
Israel is becoming a sad caricature of the person who buries his head in the sand.


But outside Israel thanks to electronic devices, more and more people are witnessing a callous, brutal state which periodically “mows the grass” of a people with no army, no missiles, no Apache helicopters or Merkava tanks.


As the man said, “it is not going down well” , In the rest of the world people have eyes to see.

In Tel Aviv, the mayor literally spit in the face of the oafish PM Netanyahu:
Ron Huldai pointed squarely back at Israel’s occupation as the root cause of violence.
Israel is “maybe the only country in which another people is under occupation and in which these people have no rights,” he told army radio:
“We can’t keep these people in a reality in which they are occupied and [expect] them to reach the conclusion that everything is alright and that they can continue living this way.”
And to add more clarity, one of the parents of the deceased said, “Last night, after the attack, the prime minister and two of his ministers arrived and yet another security cabinet issued decrees – not to return corpses, to put up barriers, to destroy houses, and to make lives harder, “These solutions create suffering, hatred, despair and [lead] to more people joining the circle of terror.What’s needed is a solution rather than saying all the time that there’s nobody.”
The solution: end the occupation.


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