Parliamentary decline in integrity

Who can take these people seriously?

In an insider’s account (Full Circle) of the new right wing “Conservative” party Tory insider Bob Plamondon tells a pathetic story of Belinda Stronach’s defection from the Conservatives.Juicy tidbits are also revealed about the role of “The $50,000 Man”, former PM Brian Mulroney.The latter who receives 50 grand a speech now is of course the same man who destroyed every last vestige of the Red elements of the former Conservative party.To most Canadians he is still radioactive but in a culture which remembers little, he is being resurrected by non other than ex-Liberal, multimillionaire Gerry Schwartz. Are you still following?

Schwartz of course is the one whose money convinced Paul Martin to tilt towards Israel but the Liberals did not tilt enough lately. Power couple Schwartz and wife Heather Reisman (Chapters) are now Tories because they loved Stephen Harper’s blank cheque to Israel in the disastrous Israeli assault on Lebanon which left over 1,000 Lebanese civilians dead and the country’s infrastructure in tatters.

Mulroney since he is still despised by most Canadians had to secretly meet Harper and Peter MacKay the leader of the old PCs.Also recall MacKay’s dad, Elmer gave up his Nova Scotia seat in the 80s so Mulroney could enter the House of Commons.This is before the latter met Karlheinz Schreiber who tells us he gave Mulroney $300,000 for his “advice”.

Still with me?

Recall the merger convention when all Canadians heard MacKay promise David Orchard that he would not pursue a merger with the Alliance Party,Canada’s answer to the GW Bush Republicans.
MacKay broke his promise for the sake of a Cabinet post under Steve “Measured Response” Harper. This used to be called “lying.”

Now here comes Stronach whose main claim to fame is her father’s wealth.A political neophyte with no discernible credentials, she spent $3.95 million to get elected in York Region. Voila she’s in-but can’t take Harper.She breaks her beau, MacKay’s heart by bolting to the Liberals-for a cabinet post.

MacKay has gone on of course to become our Minister of External Affairs where he has shown his sterling credentials to all and sundry.He has lately cozied up to the worst US Secretary of State in living memory, Condoleeza Rice.His gushing over meeting her was the most embarrassing Canadian moment since “50 Grand” warbled When Irish Eyes are Smiling with Ronald Reagan.

The loss of integrity in politics has become monumental in the television age. Overweaning ambition and money dominate as never before.The NDP struggle valiantly to defend the common good, the poor and the environment.Canadians should be grateful for the “third party.”Never formed a government, always made a difference.

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