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Iraq for Sale

October 19, 2006

Iraq for Sale made it to my boyhood theatre in downtown Toronto last week and my daughter Chris and I went to see it. In previous times there would be a people’s insurrection against boondoggling on such an extraordinary scale. However in an age of massive propaganda and corporate spin the American populace is numbed to indifference.

I had a conversation with Canadian actor R.H. Thompson outside the theatre and he was still reeling from the screening. Basically the well documented Robert Greenwald film unmasks the corporate takeover of the war in Iraq. Stunning profits made by the Halliburtons of our soiled world, those well connected (to GW Bush) companies, are the order of the day and the heart of the film. Revolving door generals and military hacks are well represented making a fortune on the backs of the tax paying public and the safety of their employees. Nice to see the military boys so gainfully employed after their service to Caesar. In Canada we have the reverse – a former military lobbyist Gordon O’Connor is now the Minister of Defence in “Steve” Harper’s government.

Not only do the shocking cost overruns and astronomical mark ups stun you but the poor protection afforded the grunts who do the security work makes you ill. Interviews with the hapless victims’ families show once again the callous and cynical attitudes of these profiteers chief among then Blackwater Security Consulting, Halliburton subsidiary, KBR, and CACI International. Here we see the ugly world of mercenaries used for combat operations and even interrogations, contracted to do what the military should doing for twice the salary. The charade is laid bare for all to see-no bid contacts, overcharging, bribery…and no investigation because of the Republican-dominated government.

Thank God for the fighting spirit of directors like Greenwood the same director who unmasked WalMart.(The High Price for Low Cost). Thank God for grassroots folks (among them brother Paul) who ponied up $367,000 to get the film made. Canadian showings are listed below. The DVD is inexpensive($10-15) and can be purchased

Calgary Coalition Against War and Occupation, Canada Democracy and International Law, The Arusha Centre Oct 20 Fri

Courtenay, BC World Community Development Education Society
Nov 11 Sat Nanaimo, BC Global Film Festival Nanaimo

Nov 08 Wed Sooke, BC

Jo Phillips Nov 07 Tue Vancouver, BC

Mosaic. Compassion. Justice. Art. Nov 09 Thu Vancouver, BC

Greg Lomnes Oct 21 Sat Victoria, BC

Movie Monday, Movie Monday – details web site Nov 17 Fri Ottawa, ON

Centre for the Study of Education and Work, OISE/UT
Nov 03 Fri Toronto, ON