George Tenet’s Blood Money

George Tenet the CIA chump who went along with the true believers in the Bush administration was there last night on 60 minutes weeping crocodile tears about how he was used by Cheney/Bush et al. He had become a talking point used by these thugs to start the “unjust, illegal war” which the Vatican correctly named the Iraq debacle.

“Tenet said it was a slam dunk,” Cheney said. So the adminstration, Bush, Cheney and Condi “Mushroom Cloud over Manhattan” Rice took him at his word. But Tenet said he didn’t mean that. But he never resigned.

“It wasn’t honourable” Tenet mewled to scott Pelley the 60 Minutes host. Honour in the Bush administration? And GW Bush presents Tenet with the Medal of Freedom, almost akin to the 5,000 medals Ronald Reagan gave out after the heroic liberation of Grenada which made America feel good about itself again after Vietnam.

Tenet now with his $4 million advance jumps the sinking Mission Accomplished ship. This was simply the latest good impression of Pontius PIlate washing his hands.

Sorry George you had your chance to be honourable and you blew it.

And now there’s over 650,000 graves in Iraq and 3,300 in America.And George Tenet has his $4 million in blood money.


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