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Michael Moore the effective Catholic

May 31, 2007

America’s most effective Catholic is at it again.

Michael Moore’s latest film has struck another prophetic blow for the common good.

Moore continues his brilliant muckraking and concern for ordinary people. Fahrenheirt 9/11 pointed out that the faux warriors, the war shirkers like Cheney and Bush will go and have gone to any length to avoid fighting themselves but show no compunction about sending other people’s kids to the front lines. Many go because again in the richest country in the world a basic right, education, is not a public good.

Don’t mess with the myth. John Wayne whose huge persona filled the big screen was a war shirker; Sylvester Stallone who made 5 ugly movies about a psycho named John Rambo, hid out in Switzerland when he had a chance to go to Vietnam. Instead he made jingoist films about war. They perpetuated the myth about the noble brave American whose major concern is “democracy” and “freedom”. Moore committed the unforgivable—he messed with the myth.

“Mission accomplished” said W as if he were Churchill or FDR.

And now Michael Moore takes on those disgusting Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs),the for profit hospital chains and lobby group which keeps so many good people on tender hooks in the USA.

SICKO documents the appalling state of US health care, the stunning fact that 47 million human beings do not have health coverage in the richest country in the world. Not only that but he documents the incredible lengths these HMO’s will go to to harass and shove ordinary citizens around. These are the people who think they have health care—until the bully boys and lawyers go after them and litigate them into bankruptcy.

In the land of the brave and home of the free, always money for war and imperial misadventures and peanuts for the people.

If Jesus were here today, his parables would be films that would generate great discussion. Let’s hope SICKO does.

Canadians need to see this film and be aware of the constant pressure that our health care system is under. The privateers here and abroad can’t wait to get their hands on our jewel.