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A beautiful embassy

June 7, 2007

Hidden from view and certainly from the majority of the American people is the world’s largest, most expensive and most heavily fortified embassy in history. Right in the middle of prime real estate in Baghdad. It will open in September at a cost of half a billion dollars. You thought that Uncle Sam was leaving within a year or two? Think again.

Of course, it puts to bed the lie that the US was in Iraq to “promote democracy.” As Linda McQuaid so aptly put it, “It’s the crude, dude.”

The embassy will be command central for the control of oil in the region. It will be hermetically sealed and like a piece of Disneyworld for the servants of empire. All this at a time when 2 million Iraqis are refugees.Surreal is not the word for this. America of course is a can-do nation—theatre, pools, school for the army brats. Nothing but state of the art for the tribunes of empire.

The suffering unleashed by the Bush regime has been second probably only to the damage done to Vietnam and by proxy, to the Palestinian people.

But the leaders go first cabin.