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The fox in the henhouse: Angus outs Tom Long

August 4, 2007

There is a good reason that Charlie Angus is voted one of the top MP’s in Canada. The NDP member for Timmins-James Bay pays attention. In a culture which regularly puts folks to sleep, Charlie remains wide awake.

The latest example of Angus’s bull dog commitment to the common good is his pointing out the latest sneaky move of Canada’s interim PM, Steve Harper. The latter, struggling desperately to disguise his far rightwing agenda for this country, tried to slip one by the public by naming Tom Long the veteran Tory backroomer and ultra rightist , in charge of finding a new head for the CBC.

Now you have to know, Long like Harper, hates the CBC. Probably crypto-Commie or “second rate socialist” as Harper dubbed Canada. The former Harrisite and contender for the Alliance leadership, is off the Richter scale in terms of Canadian politics. Now he is a partner in Egon Zehnde an executive headhunting firm in charge of finding the Corp a new boss.

Listen to what the rightist columnist John ibbitson said about Long in 2000.

Coincidentally now that Ibbitson has relocated to Washington and seen what GW and friends have done to the US, he appears almost balanced in his pontificating. But back to 2000 on Tom Long.

“As PM long would flatten and lower income taxes and pay for it be selling off everything from the CBC to Via Rail.

He would scarp corporate subsidies and reduce transfer payments to poorer provinces

He would expand private health care, increase parental choice in education…”

At the age of 18 Long campaigned in Michigan for Ronald Reagan (He grew up in Sarnia, but Bill Davis was way too left for him)…and on it goes.

And now he’s looking for a new head for the CBC.

How about Preston Manning or Ernie Eves?

Thanks to Charlie Angus for calling our attention to this one.