Goldman Sachs and the Gospel

To understand catastrophes like Iraq and the US role in it, one needs to understand the Coantsantinian arrangement with Christianity, the supposed religion of America. As Walter Wink stated, the real religon is redemptive violence, the idea that bigger is stronger and winning is everything. To go to war to control the world’s oil resources is to admit that it is perfecty right for 5% of the global population (USA) to consume 25% of the world’s energy resources. That is our divine right and religion sanctifies this right. Christianity , any brand, is powerless to tamper with this secular myth. Don’t mess with this tribal god and the myth which gives us meaning.

The preaching against the Iraq war in Catholic churches is abysmal despite the model of the nonviolent Jesus. The Christ myth would, and does, go down to defeat next to the tribal myth of “our country”, God’s elect. Too many American Christians would be upset if the flag were removed from the sanctuary. The Cross could probably go first.

Naomi Klein in the following capsule tells exactly what’s wrong with proclaiming radical values in the belly of advanced capitalism:

“I don’t think our problem is money, lack of resources to act on these basic ideas. Now, at the risk of being accused of economic populism, I would just point out that in this city, the employees of Goldman Sachs received more than $16 billion in Christmas bonuses last year, and ExxonMobil earned $40 billion in annual profits, a world record. It seems to me that there’s clearly enough money sloshing around to pay for our modest dreams. We can tax the polluters and the casino capitalists to pay for alternative energy development and a global social safety net. We don’t lack ideas. Neither are we short on cash.”

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