Israel-a Third World country?

According to a new Associated Press report, the US is offering Israel
a record $30-billion 10-year military aid package.

Did you know that Israel was a Third World country? Neither did I?

With all the incredible human need out there and given the cheapskate nature of The USA (the lowest donor of all democratic capitalist countries at 0.14 % of its GDP), there’s something radically wrong here.

This amounts to about one quarter of US aid in any given year.

This is unconscionable to give such a developed and sophisticated country with the world’s fourth most powerful military such a break when there is so much human need.It amounts to a subsidy of about $7,500 per Israeli as Arab citizens will not get a penny.

Everybody understands that this simply bolster’s Israel’s military overkill and does nothing foe peace in the region.

I ask:where is the Catholic voice in the USA which tolerates such an insult to a cardinal principe of Catholic social teaching, the common good?

Writer Dave Lindorff asked another question-to his fellow Americans:

‘Looked at another way, this aid to Israel represents a gift of $100
worth of money and weaponry from every man, woman and child in America
to the people of Israel.

Think about that the next time you are scraping together the money to
make your next mortgage payment or rent check.”

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