Blackwater pt.1

It was only after a group of thugs dressed in black like fugitives from Rambo movie (Peter Jennings, ABC) were caught in a deadly ambush in Fallujah, Iraq that people woke up to the name Blackwater, Since then the notoriety of these mercenaries has made the world news when they opened fire and killed 17 Iraqi civilians. And then the kicker—there was no way they could be prosecuted!

It was a deal made by the US Proconsul Paul Bremer with his own government. Imagine a free ride to act beyond the law. Bad enough that military security is outsourced to an independent contractor!

God love reporters of integrity. Author Jeremy Scahill (more on him in future)has written a scathing indictment of this outfit in his must-read book Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.

These pathetic soldierts of fortune whose salary was trtple of those who should have been doing security, those in the US Army, were killed and two of their burned corpses hung from a bridge. A video of the scene made its way around the world, and many commentators compared it to the footage of dead American soldiers dragged through the streets of Mogadishu in the Black Hawk Down battle.

Atr first they were described as “civilians” on a humanitarian mission. When reporters dug in the nefarious deeds of Blackwater were exposed. Scahill’s book is must reading for anybody who wants to understand that the Ugly American and its creators are symptomatic not only of empire hubris but of how religion gets bastardized in the name of the same.

Erik Prince the founder of Blackwater and Paul Bremer the arrogant proconsul are right wing Catholics.


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