Reagan the Racist

In 1980 we started our vigil against nuclear weapons.

A bunch of religion teachers and students vigilled every Friday for about 5 years. If we knew Reagan was  a catastrophe for the poor what in hell were US Christians voting for a clown like this?

Ronald Reagan  we all knew would be a disaster for the world, the US and the poor. An illiterate electorate voted him in and the neocons actually attempted to put his face on Mt Rushmore. Incredible yet it happened. They tried to pawn a grade B actor and a predator on the local and global poor as a great president. His goofy smile and ah shucks manner hoodwinked so many Americans into believing this nice guy was for them instead of the corporate class whose puppet he was. One of the worst presidents in history—he stacked up a deficit bigger than his predecessors combined, piled the bodies up all through Central America—more blood on his hands than most of his predecessors.

In a brilliant recent column in NY Times,  Bob Herbert described his opening rally in his  run at the presidency in 1980. It was deep in Mississippi not far from where the civil rights workers Goodman and Schwerner were murdered by vicious crackers in 1964. The movie Mississippi Burning deals with this notorious case.

And here was Reagan pandering to the racist crowd with his his “I believe in states rights”—the not so obvious code word for white supremacy and segregation. The crackers ate it up and gave poor old Reagan his landslide victory in Mississippi. here was the same bigot who voted against ML KIng having a national holiday and regularly refused to condemn  apartheid.

Reagan was the classic creation of the corporate elite whom he enriched during his failed presidency. He sure hoodwinked people in the United States of Amnesia.


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    polpursun Says:

    Yes …….

    The code word(s) was/were VERY obvious to those of MLK’s ilk.

    The neocons were/are back in a big way with the appointed president.

    Point of departure:
    The, as an example, the U. S./Israeli alliance is an outward extension from the central core of the empire extant. Ah, but the empire is an honorable entity. The evil in/of this world exists elsewhere.
    And recall: The zionists were departing the REAL antisemitism in Europe. But contemporary conventional wisdom would have us confuse and therefore conflate antizionism with antisemitism.

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