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24 years of Clinton-Bush?

January 4, 2008

It may be that Americans are coming to their senses. The victory of Barack Obama in the Iowa primary gives cautious optimism for the future of the damaged superpower, caught in the vise of corporate greed and warmaking stupidity for far too long. The Democratic party has been hopeless until now reading the tea leaves of its own people.     It was Michael Moore who first tapped into the populist rage against the hijacking of the best American values. His courageous stands forged in his working class Catholicism has set the stage for the unmasking  of the One Party with Two Wings that the Clintons, Kerry et al have managed to prop up for far too long. They have almost totally abandoned working people. When faced with the honest party of greed and corporate power (the Republicans) and Republican Lite (the Democrats) the people chose the vicious Karl Rove brand, a capitalist party smothered with the patina of bad religion.  Only Dennis Kucinich and Michael Moore came anywhere near the truth.   Now listen to second place finisher John Edwards  “Corporate greed has infiltrated everything that’s happening in this democracy. It’s time for us to say, ‘We’re not going to let our children’s future be stolen by these people.’ The gloves are off. Now it get’s interesting.