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The narrow world of Rabbi Marmur

March 1, 2008

The Globe and Mail on March 1 reported that  Israeli troops killed 54 Palestinians in the deadliest day of fighting in Gaza. Two dozen civilians died, including a baby and a young child. The Gaza Health Ministry official Dr. Moaiya Hassanain said 160 people were wounded and 14 of them, including a baby, were in critical condition.  The Palestinian death is now  80 since fighting flared Wednesday and half of those have been civilians. This is typical Israeli behaviour-collective, indiscriminate punishment of a whole people, flaunting international law-because it can. Despite a majority of Israelis who want the state to talk to Hamas, it continues on its blinkered barbaric way.

Rabbi Marmur in his Globe column printed the names of 10 Israeli citizens who had died in the past few years from the Qassam rockets launched in the last few years. 

The Talmud phrases it beautifully . Each life lost is a universe, a world, precious and to be mourned.

Letter to the editor writer on March 1, Joe Behar from Baie Vete N.B.  asks the impertinent question: “Will you please take a page or two to also publish the names, ages and circumstances of the Palestinian victims of Israeli attacks on Gaza.”