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Your 15 minutes are up

May 12, 2008


She is hard as granite, and lives mean nothing to her, provided they aren’t American lives. Even American lives mean nothing as long as the American people will sit still for a relatively few number of deaths. I’m sure those in Washington now point out that we’ve “only lost fewer than 5,000″ American soldiers in Iraq, whereas we lost over 58,000 in VietNam. And as long as those lives weren’t lost by a draft, no one is going to squawk loudly enough to make a difference. So Clinton can implicitly put American lives at risk in threatening Iran without worry

So writes a blogger on Hilary the Rambo who struggles to prove a woman can have cojones in foreign policy.


And the brilliant essayist Barbara Ehrenreich wrote:

Far from being the stereotypical feminist-pacifist of your imagination, the woman to get closest to the Oval Office has promised to “obliterate” the toddlers of Tehran — along, of course, with the bomb-builders and Hezbollah supporters. Earlier on, Clinton foreswore even talking to presumptive bad guys, although women are supposed to be the talk addicts of the species. Watch out — was her distinctly unladylike message to Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong-Il, and the rest of them — or I’ll rip you a new one.

Meanwhile Jeffrey St. Clair in a special Counterpunch report details the absolute corruption of the power couple, He describes in great detail the sickening pardon of billlionaire crook Mark Rich on Clinton’s last day in office. It makes for depressing  reading, not for the faint of heart, those  who still believe the Clintons are not bought and paid for. The way to Bill was through Hilary.

In the long line of valiant women like Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady  stanton, the Pankhursts, Hilary Clinton does not merit a foortnote. If feminism is about doing politics in a new way, Hilary Clinton either needs to regroup, rethink or simply disappear from the national stage.