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Canada a military behemoth

May 16, 2008

The news from Defense minister Peter McKay that Canada will spend  $30 billion on the military in the next generation must make Canadians delerious with excitement. As well we will all exhale a nervous sigh of relief that at last we are protected from the foreign invader. Presumably this will keep us safe from the only ones who have a reason to come after us, The Americans who desperately want our water

It is of course preposterous that a middle power like Canada should be spending this amount of money on phantom invaders like the Norse, the Laplanders and some Eskimo terrorists. But Conservatives are notorious on playing the security card in a post 9/11 world. They have never grasped the idea that security will only come after basic needs around the globe are met.


Canada as a military force today is an oxymoron, a betrayal of our most cherished peacekeeping values.

The churches we hope ill be outraged at this spending—more money for guns and less for butter as the saying goes. More money for needless military and less for decaying infrastructure, true foreign aid and education becoming more expensive week by week. Misplaced priorities. soon Canada wil be like the USA—the poor forced to join the military to get an education.

Budgets and government expenditures are moral documents and this fails the smell test.

To paraphrase Martin Luther KIng Jr , a nation which spends money on death and security is headed for spiritual suicide.