Stupid to the Last Drop

William  Marsden in his investigative report notes that Alberta a province whose population could fit inside of Toronto but which seems to be inspired by Dallas, Texas, in 1988 produced 22% of the CO2 emissions in Canada.They were then as now the highest emissions in the country.The Energy Efficiency Branch(EEB) of the Alberta government produced a report acknowledging greenhouse gases as a threat to life on earth. It then outlined a strategy to cut these emissions by 20% by 2005. This would put these levels below what Kyoto demanded.

The report was filed and deep sixed by the noted Minister of the Environment, Ralph Klein. Yes, Minister of the Environment, like in foxes to guard the henhouse. When he became Premier  the great Canadian gutted and slashed the environmental budget the EEB and campaigned against Kyoto.

His government and the Reform Party then created  Friends of Science to campaign vs Kyoto.

Barry Cooper, a prof at U of Calgary, a confidant of P.M.  Stephen Harper (“Kyoto is driven by the socialists”) set up a fund at the University to funnel anonymous donations to the “Friends.” Great Canadians, all.

Read the book—it’s a gasser.


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