Tory government salutes Uncle Sam

Once again the will of Canadians is thwarted by a US friendly government.
The most recent  poll indicated that 64% of Ontarians said, “Let him stay.”
Robin Long was arrested in Nelson B.C. last Friday and is threatened with deportation as early as Tuesday, July 15. We must act quickly to ensure the government does not deport him before a federal judge issues a stay order.
At what was expected to be a routine detention hearing, it was revealed that a negative decision had been issued on Robin’s Pre-Removal Risk Assessment in early May; but the information was never communicated to either Robin or his counsel. The refusal of the federal government to stop deportations, and actions taken by the Canadian Border Services Agency, make it clear the Canadian government wishes to get rid of the conscientious objectors as soon as possible contrary to the views of a majority of Canadians and the will of Parliament.
SUBJECT LINE: For Robin Long
Robert will ensure Robin receives your message of support and encouragement. 

Please also do the following:
1. Send this email to your lists
2. Call or email Immigration and Citizenship Minister Diane Finley,613.996.4974,
and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, 613.992.4211,
Ask them to stop the deportations and uphold the June 3rd motion in Parliament calling for sanctuary in Canada for all war resisters.

NDP immigration critic Olivia Chow (Trinity-Spadina) and NDP MP Alex Atamanenko (British Columbia Southern Interior) are calling on the Harper government to reexamine their decision to deport Long and allow him to stay in Canada.

“Canada has always been a country that stands up for basic human rights. Conscientious objectors who have fled George W. Bush’s illegal war in Iraq should be allowed to stay,” said Chow.

“Two war resisters’ cases are currently before the Supreme Court of Canada,” pointed out Atamanenko. “No one should be arrested or deported before the Court has a chance to make a decision.”


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