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Three non-Jewish kings

January 5, 2009

Most Christians fail to “get” the birth stories of Jesus because they have little understanding or knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Take the 3 kings of the epiphany stories. Matthew a Jewish writer went back to Isaiah to find them—and there they are in Isaiah 60—kings come to thge light, on camels and they bring gifts. Now in the midrashic tradition, Matthew “borrows” the kings to make a point. Here is a new king—Jesus—who by the year 90 was now understood as Messiah and these kings from the east who are non-Jews pay homage to him. With what? What else those traditional gifts(taken from the Solomon story of 1 Kings 10 ff)) of gold and frankincense. Now the Queen of Sheba also brought spices—probably including the very popular myrrh.

What the magi?

Actually the Greek word is MAGOI—meaning astrologers or soothsayers. These were very prevalent in the east in Zoroastrianism, but frowned on in Judaism. Only God knows the future!

They hand over their fake gift to the Lord of history.They humble themselves, these non-Jews to this Lord—who is meant for all peoples.

No more astrology—the baby holds the key—vulnerability and love.