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“Standing up for Israel” pt.1

January 9, 2009


For many years now I have been disturbed by signs  outside synagogues which say “Time to stand up for Israel.”

As a longtime friend of Jews and Judaism I understand the place Israel has in the tribal hearts of the Jewish people.

But the world has long ago caught up with the terrible treatment afforded the Palestinian people. The latest shocking overkill in Gaza is merely the latest round in the shocking abuse and disrespect.A proud people with no means of defence, no army, navy, military apparatus, they have been driven mad by this treatment.What sense are suicide bombers? To what extremes do you have to be driven before you have lost all hope and no longer care about human life.

So now you lob these hopeless Qassam rockets as a cry of desperation. In 8 years you killed 30 people, each innocent, a pathetic act of resistance. As ridiculous as those Moltov cocktails tossed by Jews at the Wermacht in the Warsaw Ghetto on April 19, 1943. Still as was said at that time, better to die on your feet then grovel on your belly.

Synagogues must be places of universal holiness where the human face no matter what the ethnicity is held up as a sacred ikon. They should never be places which defend states and wave flags.

Jews against Zionism make this important point:

Obviously, the State of Israel has absolutely no connection with either Jews or Judaism. Furthermore, Torah-true Jews did not participate in the founding of the State, and for decades, we have announced our disapproval and disassociation from the State of Israel at every opportunity. 

The State of Israel has as much to do with Jews and Judaism as does New Zealand or Zimbabwe,” said Rabbi Hersh Lowenthal.

They further state:

May it be clear to every nation, to every person in the entire world: JEWS ARE NOT ZIONISTS! 

The Zionists are neither our representatives nor our spokesmen. They have absolutely no right to speak in the name of world Jewry. It is a terrible mistake to confuse Jews with Zionism, or to blame Jews for Zionist actions. We truly wish to live in peace with every nation in the world. We pray for our Jewish brethren as well as for the non-Jews in the Middle East, that they may be saved from danger and peril. 

A synagogue which conflates Israel and Judaism will in the end deform Judaism.