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Enemy of the common good

March 13, 2009



One of the most cynical spear carriers in the 8 lost years of GW Bush was the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Michael K Powell, the son of the disgraced Colin Powell.

Ostensibly Powell was there to protect the public airwaves but he did everything but before he was caught out.

Listen to this piece of mocking cynicism delivered just after he was named Chair in 1998.

“The night after i was sworn in I waited for a visit from the angel of the public interest.I waited all night but she did not come. And in fact 5 months into this job I still have had no divine awakening and no one has issued me my public interest crystal ball.”

Powell then attempted to give away more public access to to corporate interests—concentrated ownership, cross ownership—newspapers and TV station etc.In charge of regulating like the creeps who failed the world in the financial sector, Powell hoped to deregulate, the sacred duty of Republicans and too many Democrats.

By law he was required to hold public hearings before his Republican cronies could gobble up more public power. He held one meeting in a snowstorm. His strategy was what one calls stealth. Luckily defenders of public access led by Democracy Now  began to howl and organize and this servant of public greed was ultimately defeated.