A few dirty jokes



Surely one of the great women in the US is Democracy Now host Amy Goodman.

She tells the story of the hapless Bush who looks even more inept as we watch a president string cogent sentences together.

Apparently W got a gig on the board of daddy’s Carlyle Group before going to Texas.

He duly showed up for his 100K a year.The chairman said he told  a few dirty jokes and after 3 years he was told that he should get out and find a job, that it was not working out.

The Chairman said he thought he’d never hear about him again.

This is not a comment on poor W but on  the  gullibility of the American people.

By the way congratulations once again to the city of Calgary for inviting Bush and also congrats to the University of Calgary School of Public Policy for inviting Condoleeza Rice  to a $500-a-plate fundraiser on May 13. It’s her first Canadian appearance since leaving her post in January as former president W’s top envoy. The worst secretary of state in living memory.


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