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Public anger,the Democrats and the gospel

March 22, 2009


It is fascinating to watch the cascading anger in the USA re the bailout of AIG.

It is more fascinating to watch the dance within the Democratic Party who long ago abandoned ordinary people in favour of the corporate class.The Clintons are prime examples of this shocking betrayal. Imagine that Hilary Clinton had to go into her private stash and fork out $5 million to pay off her campaign debts.Bill continues to pull down $250,000 per speech—pretty good for a poor kid from Arkansas.

Now we have Obama and his Third Way Democratic choices like Summers and Geithner Wall St insiders floundering like dying fish wriggling in the sunlight.

No accountability but loads of money distributed.

There was never enough money for Medicare, poverty alleviation, education now it’s suddenly available n the trillions  as it was for Bush’s wars and —bonuses for the same gang which tore the house down?

Where’s my bail out people are saying? We bought the dream and the myth and found out we were taken to the cleaners by the corporate class and their fawning acolytes.

The Democratic Party is suddenly shown up for the pathetic and pale imitation of the Republicans.

Obama needs to do some better stickhandling than he’s doing to control the growing rage of a public which had long fallen asleep sated by football, celebrities, bad religion and worse TV.

images-13There is also a very good wake up call for the religious professionals and the Catholic bishops who seem to have forgotten their scripture. One of seven lines in the New Testament is a warning against wealth and greed.Jesus was murdered by the forces of empire, those who cared not at all for the poor on the margins. Followers of Jesus should be more like Dorothy Day who understood the lure of “the dirty rotten system”  which has the power to buy off “the faithful”and allow them to serve capitalism rather than the gospel.

That’s why Dennis Kucinich is a non-person in the Democratic Party today and why Barack Obama not Ralph Nader   is  the president