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The Slacker Uprising

March 25, 2009


Slacker Uprising” traces Michael Moore’s 62-city tour of the swing states during the 2004 Presidential election and records the thrilling — and frightening — response he received across the country.

Moore, whom I have described as America’s most effective  Catholic, has made three of the five top-grossing documentaries of all time (including “Fahrenheit 9/11”), released Slacker Uprising  which records his attempt to get “slackers” off their comfortable , non-engaged privileged asses into the voting booth to get rid of George W Bush. Anybody could download the film free off the Net as Moore’s gift to the cause.

“I decided why not bypass the studios and the exhibitors and make one that the fans can have for free, as a show of my profound appreciation of their support.”

The American people still in denial mode and gifted by a brutal John Kerry  campaign,  aided and abetted by the present pope and and key American Catholic bishops gave Bush another term to enrich the wealthy (”My constituency” as he famously called it) and run up the hugest debt in American history.

But it wasn’t for Moore’s lack of trying! His work resulted in Kerry victories in 54 of the 62 cities he visited. and he prefigured Obama’s success in getting the vote out.

In one frightening scene a group of Catholic college students  reciting the Our Father and the Hail Mary attempted to disrupt a rally. Moore heard them out and even joined them in the recitation of the Our Father. Then he  talked about his own Catholic upbringing and entry into the seminary as well as the chief lesson he learned: any Catholicism without the poor front and centre is a bastardized version.These young Republicans were under some mistaken notion that Bush cared about the poor.They of course did not understand the core of the Lord’s Prayer which they recited like Stepford Wives.”Thy Kingdom Come” is an earnest prayer for God’s reign of peace and justice—”on earth as it is in heaven”!

Moore of course was under no illusion that the Democrats were fleshing this dream out either  but Kerry was the least harmful in this political race.

It was stunning to watch these kids pull prayers out of their trick bag in support of Bush’s anti-kingdom agenda.