The secular fundamentalists pt.1


Bill Maher is a bright, funny guy with an HBO show which manages to periodically rise above the mundane each week.

Maher usually has a panel of smart guests on to deal with the issues of the day. as one can imagine the economic meltdown is usually at the tgop of his list.

Last week he sent a message to Obama:

Why do we have our troops in some many foreign lands, why over 100 bases, Why 50,000 troops in Germany.”I got news for you—the war is over.They can come home.”

Last week he had three guests—two of whom were insufferable in their Islamophobia, Salman Rusdie the writer and Christopher Hitchens the ex-Trotskyite who has morphed into a tired and simplistic God basher. Both of these bright people were actrually calling for a western jihad against Islam! They actually believe that Iran who is years away from getting a bomb is hankering to wipe out the West! ”Get them first!”

Now the great surprise wsa the rapper-acrtor Mos Def who the other two eggheads could barely tolerate as he hid under his baseball cap.

The man was brilliant suggesting that maybe America should lead by example, instead of pointing the fiunger at every nation (but Israel( who is developing nuclear, maybe the USA should lead ny example and get rid of nukes themselves.

More on Maher next time.


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