Billy Maher: back to school

cockburn_340Bill Maher is a funny cat—and an intelligent one.Ivy League degree and well read—in many areas.

His HBO show is always interesting with guests who can string a few sentences together on the issues of the day. And like good satirists (Jon Stewart,Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl come to mind) who prick societal balloons he is often right on, asking the impertinent questions like why the USA has all these military bases around the globe.

Bill is also a film maker. His movie Religolus is a failed attempt to come to terms with the perduring mystery (Bruce Cockburn sings about the 9 billion  names for God). I laughed like hell at parts but Bill’s evangelical and fundamentalist straw men were easy targets.

Bill sadly is a secular fundamentalist with little or no understanding of scripture. He rants about what he knows not. Little humility here about the religious impulse. Last week he head the pompous Christopher Hitchens on whose book God is not Great is embarrassing.

Imagine Martin Luther King Jr without faith? Hitchens does. He actually claims the Doc was not a Christian. Mmmm.

We do not look for much historical depth or sensitivity here. That’s OK but a little humility might be in order.


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