Don Cherry:the corrosion of culture


My friend Bob an American ex-pat living in Cnada since 1965 simply can not get over the gradual hijacking of Canadian culture.

Particularly disturbing is the so called Highway of Heroes a slice of the 401 highway now dedicated to the dead of Candian military in Afghanistan.Little discussion  even when we entered this trouble spot as a sop to the Americans and turned our culture from peace-keeping to war making.And these Canadian kids from small towns became cannon fodder in a country they knew nothing about, a country with hundreds of years of experience expelling invaders.

With the best of intentions, carrying a rifle and a hammer, we began to see the dead stacked up. The country bought the blarney of a general Rick Hillier who single handedly trashed our long history of peacekeeping.The Taliban only saw the rifle and the arms. They missed the good will of those kids who really wanted to help.

And then Don Cherry! It’s hard to believe the immaturity of a culture which gave this  clown a microphone to take over hockey broadcasts and promote his pathetic brand of war culture. Why did the CBC allow this cultural cave man to spew his racist nonsense about European hockey players and this rah-rah warmaking? Simply, he attracted the childish among us, males from 21-35 who belong to Leaf Nation and cars and Beer nation to set the national agenda. Cherry brought in  the advertising dough.

And now as my friend  Bob says we are becoming America-lite, a pale image of what we used to be, an alternative to the Wild West show below us.

And Don Cherry still has his bully pulpit and kids are still dying.

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