Father Oprah falls


Rev. Alberto Cutie (”Father Oprah”) was caught in flagrante delicto on a Miami Beach—not the firs priest to “stray”.The media loves stories like this.However they always miss the bigger one below the headlines.

Cutie’s theology is for the birds. Fodder for Cuban-Americans of which Cutie is one.

The pap he was spreading was so trite that he was carried by Mother Angelica’s network (EWTN).

Can you imagine any priest who was really challenging Miami Cubans would have a radio show and a spot on Mother’s Network? Wouldn’t happen. Alberto is more Roman than the pope.

The guy has had a girl friend for 2 years but he “believes celibacy is good”. Apparently not for him—or for many if history is any judge.

And now Cuie goes on CBC Morning show to spill his guts. Fabulous. Go Alberto go.

Listen to this nonsense:

“I believe that I’ve fallen in love and I believe that I’ve struggled with that, between my love for God, and my love for the Church and my love for service.”

Falling in love should never be set against service.

Now the celibacy debate is open—fair enough but it’s sad a lightweight like Fr. Oprah is reopening it.





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