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Naomi Klein riffs JP ll

May 15, 2009


The Nation‘s Naomi Klein and William Greider rappeared onĀ  Charlie Rose on Monday, May 11th. The award winning journalists discussed the financial crisis and economic bailout. On the bailout, Greider remarks in the interview, “The moral question is, do we try to fill the balance sheets of those institutions that led this public debacle with public money, and my answer is no.” Klein adds, “The choice is not between doing nothing and this model, the choice is what are the range of options and we should still be debating because all of the money hasn’t been handed out yet.” Greider, The Nation‘s National Affairs Correspondent is author of Come Home, America. Long time Nation columnist Klein is author of The Shock Doctrine.

Klein gave an impassioned defense of the common good stating that there are some things that are just too important to be left to the god, Market viz Health care and the environment.

Here she sounded like John Paul ll in his encyclical Centissimus Annus

It is the task of the State to provide for the defence and preservation of common goods such as the natural and human environments, which cannot be safeguarded simply by market forces. Just as in the time of primitive capitalism the State had the duty of defending the basic rights of workers, so now, with the new capitalism, the State and all of society have the duty of defending those collective goods which, among others, constitute the essential framework for the legitimate pursuit of personal goals on the part of each individual.

Here we find a new limit on the market: there are collective and qualitative needs which cannot be satisfied by market mechanisms. There are important human needs which escape its logic. There are goods which by their very nature cannot and must not be bought or sold. Certainly the mechanism

Good for Klein. Of course nowhere was she identifiedĀ  as a Canadian. That would have sunk her in the US culture