Poor Sidney Crosby


Years ago somebody asked me about athletes endorsing peace and justice causes.I did not want to be rude–so I almost laughed.

Few understand the lives of those who inhabit Sportsworld. There are only two sportswiters who ever came close—Robert Lypsyte and presently Dave Zirin.

This came home to me with pictures which went viral on the Internet—the Stanley Cup party thrown by Pennguins owner Mario Lemieux.In a word nauseating.The guy lives in Versailles! The place was a hymn to conspicuous consumption. As was Gretzky’s Kubla Khan in California, a Xanadu which people mocked for bad taste,

Small town boys who hit the jackpot and who do niot know anything other than hockey, They are  not interested in the world ourtside their bubble. Every waking moment has gone into this dream world. No room for the rest of the globe!

You can count on your fingers any pro athlete —and don’t get me wrong, many are decent folks —who has taken a risk for a better world. Steve Nash the basketball player comes close, a very refreshing Canadian. Most  are basically irrelevent as citizens.One has only so much psychic energy and it takes thousands of hours to reach the level of any pro athlete. By then their lives are formed by the privileged company  they keep.

Poor Gretzky was a big fan of George Bush.Some guy wanted to tear down his statue in Edmonton.

What was he expecting?

Anybody who has ever vigilled for peace and justice, walked for social causes has added more to life than these guys.

I feel for young Sidney Crosby living in Versailles with Lemieux. Carl Jung sent condolences to anybody who got a huge promotion.Poor Sid despite his Nova Scotia roots does not know what he is in for.


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