False gods and spiritual anorexia


Did you hear Michael Jackson died?

I just found out.You had to look hard to find any reference to this cosmic event..

The embarrassing over the top obsequies for poor Jackson only proved how far we have descended in our poor world.

What can possibly explain this?

As the world becomes more secular,we nevertheless need a way to grieve. As the transcendent Mystery is engulfed by more and more tripe and ephemera, we apparently need minor gods to fill the gap.A new pantheon  then gets produced or manufactured and we worship them.

It is not too dissimilar to hockey night in Montreal.

Rejean Tremblay the Francophone sports reporter said: “Look at these 15,000 screaming people—they used to be Roman Catholics.” Sport, celebrity, consumerism—take your pick.As Eliot said,”Distraction from distraction by distraction.”

We have a great need for some kind of transcendence.Our young people deserve much more than they are getting.The sweet seduction visited upon them on a daily basis only ends up in spiritual anorexia.

Breaking the chains of a pure material existence is our great challenge.

Jackson’s “funeral” with the embarrssing presence of Reverend Al and Jesse Jackson, the brothers with shades and gloves was sad in the extreme.

Maybe sadder is the fact that the Church sitting over a deep well is so utterly unable to slake this thirst.


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    mariamjoe Says:

    I thought Elliot said,”Distracted from distraction by distraction.” Have not checked the text before posting this.

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