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Canadians aren’t buying Afghanistan

July 16, 2009

harperusa54% of Canadians oppose Afghan mission: EKOS poll

“Less than one in three now is in support of the mission. So that

is a pretty profound turn around from what we had seen. My sense

is that probably there is a growing sense of futility and maybe even dispair

that we are not going to be successful in pulling off the long-term objectives.”

− Frank Graves, founder and president of EKOS

No surprise here.

Canada has paid a terrible price for trashing its peacekeeping role.

By agreeing to a new role so totally unsuitable to our history and tradition we have caused too much suffering at home and abroad.

By ramping up militarism ( feting the miltary at sporting events, allowing the oafish Don Cherry to use his bully pulpit during hockey games, by borrowing American symbols like The Highway of heroes), we continue to ape the behemoth to the south. It’s just not us.

And Harper is not us.

The good news is Canadians aren’t buying it.

Support the troops.Bring them home.