Deregulation slammed-again


Sheila Weatherill commissioned by the Federal Government to write a report on the Listeriosis (Latin for deregulation) outbreak which klled 22 Canadains released her report  on July 22. ft of course was damning of the deregulation mania which swept a slumbering world in the greedfest of the 80s and 90s. Her report was to the point: no level of government was prepared for the emergency and there was little attention paid to food safety by both senior management of McCains and the government.

Just not a priority for governments, the new Tories —Harris, Harper etc. do not believe in original sin—humans can not be trusted to seriously police the common good by themselves. Governments always need to be overseers as it has been proven that  short cuts in the name of profit will generally be taken. Let the market take care of it. Sure.

In this case not enough inspectors…let business look after the operation.Employees at Mccain were not required to report problems spotted a year before the out break.Of couse, they did nort volunteer the info either.


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