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Roy Halladay: nice guy but just a pitcher

July 31, 2009


Out of whack, sentimental crap is what it is.

I refer to the boo hoo letters elevating Blue Jay pitcher Roy Halladay to the pantheon of  great people.

I don’t know if I will move on, but I want to play for a team that can win a World Series,” he said. “That’s the one thing I really want to accomplish in the rest of my time, is win a World Series.” Halladay says.

Halladay’s  salary is well below market value for a pitcher of his stature that is according to today’s outarageous salaries paid to athletes

This year poor Roy makes $10 million US .Next yera he’ll make $14.25 million US in 2009 and $15.75 million US in 2010 — bargains by baseball’s bloated standards.

Letters to the editor describe Halladay, certainly a decent family guy, as a modern day hero who desrves better than toiling for the perennial runner up Jays.

What about maybe the greatest pitcher in baseball history Walter Johnson (1907-1927)who spent 20 years pitching for the hapless Washingto Senators and who finally made it to his one world series appearance in 1924.

Halladay is a mercenary, a gifted pitcher who has risked little for the great issues of our time.

No hero—just  a ball player.