Sound Off


Jon Miller the master of the cliche

It’s the only way to watch a ball game—with the sound off.

The last straw was a Sunday night game with the Bosox and Yankees. It should have been a better game with two outstanding mercenaries going for both clubs, Beckett and the portly CC Sabathia.The Yanks with their cheque book fire power were too much for the Bostons. That’s not the point.

It’s the pablum and the dumb commentary we are subjected to in this case by Joe Morgan a Hall of Famer second baseman but a terrible broadcaster and some guy named Jon Miller, the master of the obvious with little crtical acumen.

About the 7th the Sox are down by 4 and Sabathia punching them out regularly with a 95 mph fast ball and excellent curve. He does tend to be a little wild though. And up steps Gonzalex the Sox shortstop to start  the inning. Good glove, no hit—about .210. 3 and 1 count and the guy is swinging! What manager in his right mind allows these guys to think for themselves. Down four runs and 3 and 1, Gonzalez should be taking. Sure enough he’s swinging!  And down he goes after fouling the second strike off. Francona the Sox manager needs to start managing these prima donnas. It is obvious most of these guys have no baseball sense at all .More to my taste is Jim Tracy the Colorado manager who fired the ass of his shortstop Troy  Tulowitzki who decided to swing at the first pitch down 7 runs—and grounds into a double play.

Who is the adult in these games? What does a manger get paid for?

Then the Canadian Jason Bay, making millions a year dog trots around the bases as a pop is misplayed by Cano the Yank second baseman. He barely makes it home because  he’s not running flat out! This guy should be working at Tim Horton’s for a day. He can’t run full speed at the salary he’s making?

He should have been roasted by the all star broadcasters…not a word from inside the booth of a parallel universe.

This happens all the time I allow the sound of banality  to trump my jazz CDs.


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