A poor kid from a reserve


Another First Nation (poor person) gobbled up by Mars the god of war.

This time a poor kid from a northern Canadian reserve, two kids of his own, killed embeded  in the American forcces in Afghanistan.

He was a “hero” on the reserve. Kids would gather around him digging his army hair cut.There was no work, he had little education so he succumbed to the lying allure of the armed forces.

This is but a reprise of the poor blacks in the US  who could not get any other kind of work —but in the killing fields, sent by the likes of Cheney, Bush, Limbaugh etc to do the dirty work of empire.

The writer Jonathon Kozol wrote about these victims he met in Roxbury, the black part of Boston in the 60s. He would see these nice kids as pre-teens then the next time, scooped up by the conscienceless recruiters, they returned  to Roxbury—as robots spouting the spoon-fed crap they had been given. Having no fathers of their own who could unpack the government lies  they were easy preys for Big Brother, the state—the Empire of Uncle Sam.

Another good kid bites the dust—-this time a Canadian from a poor reserve.


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