The Curia is dead


With the explosion of the horizontal internet, all command centres are in deep trouble.

This is good news for the people of the Roman Catholic church, that is those who have remained inside the church but also those who will come back when  that magnificent insight of Cardinal Newman finds its inevitable roots deep in the whole people of God. That insight is that the Spirit is given to the entire people whose “sensus fidelium” will direct the wider church. Truth no longer emanates from a command centre of celibate, male clerics.Fewer and fewer are listening as information and connectivity accelerates.

The Internet is linear, horizontal, pluriform and diverse. The Curia or “the power houses” called chanceries have dramatically lost voice. Everything has become decentralized. For church people this is excellent news. As lay people have become better educated and as priesthood has intellectually lagged behind in brain power, a storm is brewing.

The People of God are gaining voice.The Internet is abetting this cry to be heard.

with its decentralized modes of existence (every person a modem, every one with something to say)  the Internet is already destroying the formerly powerful Curia.


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