Ayn Rand’s pernicious influence


Ralph Nader was recently interviewed on the CBC about his new meganovel, over 700 pages  long. Naturally the characters, mostly the very wealthy who have had a conversion and are seking redemption, begin to sound like Nader one of America’s moral giants and a radical defender of the common good.

Nader is one humanist whom the churches should be listening to. He makes more sodpel sense than those Republican bishops.

In passing Nader repeated a brief conversation he had with Richard Rubin, former Secretary of Treasury under Bill Clinton.

The latter opined that probably the the two books which have wreaked the greatest damage in the 20th century are Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Both books are turgid hymns to the “greed is good” manta which so bedevilled the last two decades.

The high priestess of selfishness who has had countless admirers Hugh Hefner and Ronald Reagan being but two. certainly has had a great impact as Rubin suggests. It appears Rand with her dissing of altruism might have been the patron saint of the 80s and the godmother of all those financial wizards like Milton Friedman(another Randite) and Alan Greenspan whose discredited theories and abysmal understanding of human nature  caused so much suffering in the last meltdown


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