Cash for Toronto


Same old useless, worn out thinking

You live your life in the court of kings

Bow to the ruler and kiss the ring

But we don’t even understand a thing you say

It could happen to you…

Sometime when you least expect it

It could happen to you…

It could happen to you

Done by the ones that you never suspected

It could happen to you

So sang Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo at the nomination of singer-songwriter-writer Andrew Cash. Some good lines about too many hack politicos, rented by politicians—this one a hymn to Rudy Giuiani. The nomination was uncontested and Cash will be the NDP federal candidate in the Dovercourt riding for the next election.  Not your usual Canadian poiitical meeting for sure.

Cash would have been the last guy you’d think would run for parliament. Like most musicians he admitted that they usually run from partisan political events—usually for economic reasons. Don’t offend the record-buying public.But like many (Stephen Page the latest to unabashedly support the NDP) Cash could no longer take a do nothing parliament loaded with time servers buttressing up a visionless government content with the status quo.

Like many Torontonians Andrew Cash can not abide an invisible Toronto Liberal contingent which refuses to defend the city and in particular the vibrant arts community, one which generates annually $70 billion dollars in revenue and jobs, 40 billion more than the auto sector.

Cash for a decade covered stories for NOW magazine and discovered that whenever he wrote about people’s struggles, the NDP was always there.His party choice he said was a no brainer.

So this gentle thoughtful man, along with the support of his best friend NDP member (Timmins-James Bay) Charlie Angus, and musician friends Jim Cuddy, Gord Downie of the Hip, Andy Maize and Josh Finlayson of the Skydiggers, threw his hat in the ring.

Cash for Toronto—sure. More musicians, less lawyers in Ottawa.


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