Obama and Nobel

No Obama did not deserve the Nobel Prize,an award that long ago lost meaning when Henry Kissinger won it.

The odd time they get it right as when Desmond Tutu copped it.

Generally the award is “political”, in this case the” not Bush” won it. Obama won for putting the US back onto a multipolar world and cooling A the “dispensible nation” nonsense.

People like Michael Moore got it right when he asked him to now earn the prize..

On the other hand how do you turn an ugly empire around. JFK tried and the CIA had him murdered. America is so caught up in empire like institutions—like the 600 or so bases she has around the world sucking money from needed resoursces at home and abroad, The citizenry is still caught up in its exceptionalism. Read Ronald Wright’s What is America. Two terms of Obama would simply be a start at dismantling the US war economy with its terrible peddling of death all over the world. The world’s largest arms seller is hardly about peace. So far we have but one year of a presidency with nutbar Republicans baying at his heels. Cut him some slack.

But Michael Moore is right:

We are weary, weary of war. The trillions that will have gone to these two wars have helped to bankrupt us as a nation — financially and morally. To think of all the good we could have done with all that money! Two months of the War in Iraq would pay for all the wells that need to be dug in the Third World for drinking water! Obama is moving too slow for most of us — but he needs to know we are with him and we stand beside him as he attempts to turn eight years of sheer madness around. Who could do that in nine months? Superman?

Instead of waiting to see what the president is going to do, we all need to be pro-active and push the agenda that we want to see enacted. What keeps us from forming the same local groups we put together to get out the vote last November? C’mon! We’re the majority now — the majority by a significant margin! We call the shots — and we need to tell this wimpy Congress to get busy and do what we say — or else.


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