David Suzuki slams PM Harper


Canadian environmentalist and eco-prophet David Suzuki received the honorary Nobel prize, from  Right Livelihood on October 13.The awards (2 others also received them) will be presented in stockholm on December 4.

The Vancouver native and host of the award winning science show the Nature of Things  said he’s proud to receive an “Alternative Nobel” prize but also “humiliated that Canada has become an international pariah when it comes to climate change.”

Aren’t most Canadians appalled at the Harper government here?

“It’s, at the same time, very, very embarrassing that my country has been going backwards in terms of addressing the issue of climate change,” Suzuki said.

He said Prime Minister Stephen Harper has failed to acknowledge that climate change is a serious issue, and that Canada must act.

“That is so humiliating to me as a Canadian, because I have always been very proud of Canada as a country that took international obligations seriously.I think Canadians have always seen ourselves as responsible international citizens but we have become so reviled among the international community. It’s really humiliating.”

The very same day Lawrence Martin of the Globe made similar comments:”But if you’re partial to that kind of thing, don’t look now. With the Conservatives’ preference for a more confrontational approach, we’ve gone the other way. That long-time multilateralist image is fading fast. “

Amen to that too.

How anybody could vote for Haroper on this egregious failure on the most pressing issue of our times is beyond me.

The bottom liner simply does not get that all economies depend on and are embedded in the Greater Economy—the natural resources granted to us to hand on to the next generation. And Canada is one of the greatest destroyers of this endowment.


Suzuki said that  he has asked repeatedly to meet with Harper, and has been turned down each time. Yet Canada, with its northern climate and thousands of miles of coastline, is more vulnerable than most industrial countries to the effect of global warming.

Imagine refusing to meet with David Suzuki but having time to play his dopey piano in Ottawa.


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