Come on a my House


VATICAN CITY – The Vatican announced Tuesday it was making it easier for Anglicans to convert to Roman Catholicism – a surprise move designed to entice traditionalists opposed to women priests, openly gay clergy and the blessing of same-sex unions.

“Come on a My House” sang Rosie Clooney in 1954.Rosie offered “peaches, pears and a pomegrante too.” Holy mother Church has offered a landing pad to grumpy Anglicans who never got over women crossing the threshold to the altar. And those blasted gays-another story.

This move will along with Latin masses will positively thrill the 42% of Canadians who are Catholics. Not.

80% of us favour female ordination and now we are inviting the regressives into to further polarize us.Nice move, Rome.

Another downer wil be for the celibates who against their wills gave up families for priesthood. 20 years ago when the first crop of the disaffected reactionaries came over, a group of priests went to Toronto’s Cardinal Carter and said, “Thanks a lot.I gave up marriage and kids and now you bring these guys over—with their families. Makes us feel real good.” Carter never thought of that angle.

Well, it should plug a few parish holes but will not stop the bleeding and facing the inevitable: women as baptized have every right to become priests. And will. And we will look back at this as a sad chapter in the history of the church.


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    sacolargo Says:

    A good friend who is a retired Anglican clergyman suggested that “they” are not upset about these disgruntled folks finding a home in the RC courtyard. “Good riddance” would be a bit strong but that is the underlying sentiment – along with their rabid misogyny and homophobia goes a wide range of anti-progressive ideologies disguised in religious talk and biblical images. There could be no communion with these folks in a real sense, while the Roman household already deals with the Legionaries, Opus Dei, and the other movements favored by JP2 and B16. Catholics who have the least sympathy for the reforms of Vatican 2 will find these groups intolerable and their clergy unacceptable. I have not heard what Rome might do to the disaffected female clergy who would also like to cross over – would they be satisfied to be “honorary CWL presidents”? For the average RC parish priest, this is going to be a bitter pill and every reason to find a “pastoral solution” to the celibacy fascade.

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