How long O Lord?


Breathless? Incredulous?

Original sin in spades. Chutzpah or simply, capitalism.the following two statements  show us a bloated empire, a failed state with a somnolent citizenry.

Recession you said? Depression maybe. Check this out:

The US Military spends $1.9 million every minute

The Center for Defense Information notes that the 2008 official budget for military spending was drastically understated and that the real figure was over 900 billion dollars when all war expenses were included. Rounded off, what that means is that this nation, which cannot decide whether basic health care is a human right, is spending on kill-power:

77 billion dollars a month

19 billion dollars a week

Over 2 ½ billion dollars a day

Over 100 million dollars an hour

Almost 2 million dollars a minute

And over 31 thousand dollars a second.

Then look at the bonuses paid to the thieves at Goldman Sachs  in line for $20 billion this year an average o $630,000 each, rivaling their record bonus haul in 2007.

How long, O Lord, how long—will people put up with this?


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