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Canada’s disgrace-no climate justice

October 27, 2009


“As for Canada, its record on reducing emissions is recognized internationally to have disgraced the country’s good name. It broke all its promises at Kyoto. Domestic emissions continue to rise. What is known about the Harper government’s intentions has the world believing that, once again, Canada will talk a much better game than it delivers. wrote Jeff Simpson in the Globe today.

Who can disagree?

Some young people can no longer take this disgusting inaction and disrupted parliament  with a raucous demonstration in the public gallery during Question Period on October 27.They numbered about 120.

“Green jobs now!” “Tar sands, shut it down!”

“What we want is climate justice,” said Joe Cressy of the Polaris Institute, standing under the Peace Tower. “We want to see a fair, ambitious and binding treaty for Copenhagen. That’s what we’re here for.”

Mmmm.Young people on fire for the single most important issue which bedevils the human community today. Young people who are anything but apathetic about life and our future.Young people believing in direct democvracy.


I’ll bet few of them go to church either.

What is this saying to organized religion and youth ministries?

What is it saying to the Catholic church whose clerical leadership seems so disconnected from this precious world?

The reign of God is all about this world flourishing.These kids like the prophets of old are about a ministry of intervention. The church could sure learn something here.