The poppy brigade


Frank Magazine justifiably mocked the “too early and trying too hard” earnest Canadians  to  wear the poppy as we moved to November 11. These guys—Preston Manning was always among the first—couldn’t wait to show how patriotic they were and voila, there was the poppy in October. Most of these uber-patriots of course did little to create peace.They were always boosting war expenditures and cutting aid to the Third World etc.

As Christians they were part of the “Pull yoyurself up by your bootstraps” crowd.

Harperites today.

“Patriotism—the last  refguge of the scoundrel” according to Dr Johnson. Ambrose Bierce was closer to the truth“” With all due respect to an enlightened but inferior lexicographer, I beg to submit that it is the first,”

Well a group in England wishes to move beyond sentimentalism and give us a real Rememebrance Day. Read on Macduff.

London, UK – NOV 2, 2009 A new report ahead of Remembrance Day is recommending a deeper and more meaningful form of remembrance that encompasses both soldiers and civilians on all sides in all wars.

Released today by the thinktank Ekklesia, its suggestions include an honest acknowledgement that some did “die in vain”, an end to “selective remembrance” and making Armistice Day a bank holiday. It follows the death of the “last Tommy”, Harry Patch, who described Remembrance Day as “just show business”.

Remembrance has been ‘cheapened’ it says by a failure to back up words with action, particularly when it comes to successive Government’s care for war veterans, but also the lack of resources put into peacebuilding.

It traces the development of Britain’s remembrance tradition and makes a series of proposals about how Remembrance Day might be updated and made more accessible to future generations, making the way we remember war more truthful and inclusive.



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