The hidden costs


The great Canadian public affairs show the 5th Estate had a fascinating hour on Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome as experienced by  our Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. The victims were very articulate in their own way.

One returning soldier who was driven to near suicide talked about how difficult It was for a “warrior” to admit his weakness and undergo therapy.The army itself was just coming to terms with the number of these  victimns of this stupid war we Canadians got ourselves involved in. Promoted heavily by poster boy Rick Hillier who heavily championed it saying to Paul Martin it would give us more credibility with the USA.  And the Martinites bought it to our everlasting disgrace.

What were we thinking?

The piece de resistance  in the 5th Estate show  was Senator Romeo Dallaire speaking about his own 4  failed suicide attempts and his ongoing therapy.

And then the shocking statistic: Over 102,000  US vets had killed themselves after VIetnam. That is twice as many as US soldiers who died in that ungodly war, one which eventuated in the death of over 1 million Vietnamese civilians.

The old lie, as Wilfred Owen said after WW1,  Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori: How sweet it is to die for your country.


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