Common good trashed


John and Doug wait almost 7 hours

There they go to the head of the line—the privileged, the powerful and those with little respect for that cardinal virtue of Catholic Social Teaching: the common good.

It was nice to see the media cover those “me- and my kids first” citizens who vaulted over the unwashed to get their H1N1—the power couple, Heather Reisman and Gerry Schwartz, Tannenbaum of the Raptors and Leafs and all those hockey players in the heart of capitalist Canada, the Calgary Flames the home of Stevie Harper.  The latter in his abysmal failure to prepare for this pandemic seems set on proving that governments, the only ones who can logically organize for  collective well being, is in fact a failure. Everybody look after themselves while we pour money down the military rat hole.

This of course gives rise to those  who wish to demonize our collectivity. Like Doc Robblen an Ottawa sawbones who wrote in this vein to the Globe and Mail (Nov.3) about “the lesson for all Canadians-Never let the government run anything of importance.” It was troglydytes like this that Tommy Douglas had to fight when he pioneered Medicare in Saskatchewan in 1944.You can bet that Robblen accepts his government cheque for his healing ministrations.

There they were, two of my grandsons with their dutiful dad standing in line last Saturday  from 7 AM to 1:30 while these selfish folks vaulted to the front.

The common good baby—that’s where it’s at.


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