Ft. Hood

Russell Longcore writes:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Part of PTSD is the mental anguish military personnel experience when they have done unspeakable things in war that conflicts with their moral code. How do you live with yourself when your actions caused the deaths of women and children who never did anything to deserve death? How do you cope with seeing thousands of people bombed out of their homes and turned into refugees? How do you cope with seeing your buddies blown to bits by IEDs? How do you deal with the disease, displacement and death that your very presence in a foreign country delivers? Most military personnel live through it, albeit mentally tortured.

Suicide rates in the military. News stories about alarmingly high suicide rates in the military have been surfacing since 2001 when the US began its military adventures in Iraq. The fact that military personnel have been deployed multiple times is a giant factor. The fact that National Guard and Reservists have also been deployed to “the sandbox” multiple times is another suicide factor. Finally, soldiers see…and cause…thousands of civilian deaths in both countries. The military personnel ask “what are we doing here?” and find no answer. They can’t escape their service, can’t desert their post and hop a plane for home, find themselves 5,000 miles from home with no solutions, or are scheduled for a mandatory deployment that they cannot avoid without court martial. So, in hopelessness and despair, many kill themselves.”

Yes —and their names are never  GW Bush, the war shirker who started this mess. His daddy got him out of Vietnam—though he did show up in miltary gear proclaiming “mission accomplished”. Thousands of needless deaths followed because this manchild playing at war put so many innocents at risk—mostly Iraqi citizens.

Their names are never Dick Cheney who had 5 deferments in Vietnam because “he had better things to do.” Another depicable chicken hawk who cavalierly sent kids to an early graves while he played war games as a chess board.


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