The Slacker Uprising

“Slacker Uprising,” is the least known of Michael Moore’s films. In retrospect it is well worth a watch as a great reminder of the collusion of the major media with the George Bush presidency. As well it reminds us that principled resistance is never futile even though Moore’s intent to defeat Bush failed.

Slacker Uprising follows Moore around the key states which would decide the presidency in 2004. He travelled for 42 days and visited 62 cities only to watch John Kerry blow the big one. Imagine a war shirker like Bush, the “Mission Accomplished” phony who ducked out of Vietnam actually had the gall to impugn Kerry’s war service with the Swift Boat ads. It still boggles the mind as does Kerry’s unbelievable failure to blow Bush out of the water by challenging him on this veery point.

Moore scared the hell out of the Republicans who tried to bribe universities from allowing him to speak. He was having a dramatic effect in city after city but got little help from the silent Kerry.

It was refreshing to watch several artists (REM, Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine frontmen as well as Steve Earle appear with Moore and put their careers on hold—something you would never see other better known pop artists do( Celine Dion, Tony Bennett, you name them) or athletes of distinction speak out.

Moore’s desire was to get the younger generation off their asses and become citizens instead of Slackers.In this he succeeded.The Passive TV heads turned up in greater numbers and the lamentable Kerry took the youth vote.

Moore to his credit allowed his film to be downloaded free on the Internet.He did this as a thank you for people who have supported his work and made him the bestselling documentarian in history.

Catholics will enjoy this film as the work of a man who has truly honoured and built up the public good.

There are a few scenes however which are nauseious.In one of the poorest states, West Virginia  a bunch of right wing Micks actually chanted the Our Father and Hail Mary to ridicule Moore. He let these sad sacks and theological illiterates  have it and reminded them that the gospel is about the poor and what the hell were they doing supporting the Republicans.

Moore also takes on the slovenly press who betrayed the public trust by giving Bush and Cheney a free pass.

It’s on the shelves in video stores and in libraries, a testament to the most effective Catholic in America, a modern day Jeremiah.


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