Dragging Canada down pt 1

Can you remember a worse foreign minister than Peter McKay? Who would believe this guy anyway after he swore to David Orchard that he would never unite Tories and the Preston Mannings.

This exchange below  is unbelievable. Refusing MPs information while giving it to the generals?

What kind of democracy is this?

As Eric Margolis stated in his Sun column Sunday:
“They are amazingly ignorant or deceiving the nation.”


Mr. Justin Trudeau (Papineau, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, We now have the sad spectacle of Mr. Colvin, the three generals yesterday and no doubt Mr. Mulroney today all having access to documents that members of Parliament cannot see. We are barred from having access to information that the government itself has full control of and that ministers and even retired generals can review. We are asked to do our work in total darkness. This is a flagrant case of obstruction of justice.

Hon. Peter MacKay (Minister of National Defence and Minister for the Atlantic Gateway, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I cannot help the hon. member if he feels he is in the dark.

Just yesterday, the committee passed a motion asking that legally available information be tabled. That will happen. The committee passed a motion seeking those documents. As would be expected on issues that involve [u]national security and sensitive information[/u] that could affect troops in the field, it will be looked at as far as the [u]Canada Evidence Act and National Defence Act[/u] are concerned, always keeping national security front and centre.

Mr. Justin Trudeau (Papineau, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, bits of blacked-out documents with key information missing are not disclosure. Non-answers in the House are not disclosure. Rhetorical personal attacks are not disclosure. We need to get at the truth. The international reputation of Canada and our military is at stake here.

Why is the government afraid of a public inquiry to get at the truth?


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